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FGC Turisme Policy

  • FGC Turisme policy is based on preserving, conserving, improving and caring for heritage and the environment, as well as quality of service, customer care, satisfying stakeholders and safety. These are some of the company’s principal values and strategies:



    1. To make clear its respect for and commitment to the region, taking into account its geographical location, to bring customers to natural areas and include services connected with activity holidays, sport, transport, culture and tradition.


    1. To implement the features of the service that add value to it and enable it to meet the needs of its clients, both internal and external.


    1. To meet applicable legal requirements in the areas of the environment, safety and occupational risk prevention, as well as any other requirement that might affect the different operational units of FGC Turisme.


    1. To achieve sustained, steady growth in visitor numbers and make preserving and caring for the environment a value and a strategy of the company, and as such to make them part of its own operations and management model.


    1. To design and implement our products and run our organisation in such a way as to ensure flexible, timely services, adapted to clients’ needs and with a high level of quality and care for the environment.


    1. To give all our staff suitable training and equip them with the necessary means to run services according to established procedures in terms of the environment, safety and quality.


    1. To foster corporate social responsibility, affecting the spheres of the interest groups identified, and give balanced satisfaction to all the people and groups that interact with FGC Turisme.


    1. To make this policy a part of the company culture, contributing to the process of constant improvement and prevention of pollution, and to involve everybody who works at FGC Turisme in it, as well as its stakeholders.


    1. To make clear the environmental, safety and quality criteria in our services, products and activities so that our interest groups play an active role in them and see them as a fundamental value.


    1. To document, implement, keep up and review this policy, as well as setting and planning goals that make it possible to assess the positive environmental performance of FGC Turisme, affecting the reasonable, sustainable and efficient use of the energy and natural resources available.


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