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General conditions of use

  • Conditions relating to the hiring, delivery and application of FGC Turisme day or multi-day ski pass rates



    1. The purchasing of the ski pass implies the knowledge and absolute acceptance of these General Conditions, from the Cancellation Policy and the applicable Rules to the use and enjoyment of the ski passes. All the ski passes, in any modality, rely on the Cancellation Policy expected on the actual General Conditions.


    2. The purchasing of the day or several days ski passes gives to their owner access and use to the ski station’s facilities opened to the public, the practice of winter sports, which the ski station is set up for, and forces to follow the operating and security ski station’s rules, without the prejudice of the rules and any generally applicable disposition, including the directives and the station stuff’s instructions.


    3. Several ski day passes can be acquired in one only purchase that can be used during the whole season except for those sold for a fixed date or those ski passes bought for consecutive days which validation will be determined from the first day of use.


    4. Duration is not established for every winter season, that means that the extension of the winter season will depend on the climatological, environmental, and security conditions, and also on the usability of the ski station's facilities at every moment. In any case, it is understood as the winter season the period which usually goes from December to April, during which it is possible the practice of winter sports in all the ski stations of the Catalan Pyrenean.


    5. For the ski passes purchase and the direct access to the ski slopes you will have to mandatorily acquire a support that will permit you to charge your bought products and that shall be recharged and reused as many times as the client desires. The price of this support named PiriNeu 365 will be 1€ not refundable. The buyer of the support has the right of its custody.


    6. The ski passes will have to be purchased according to the user’s categorization. The clients will be able to do an advanced purchase of the ski passes. However, the age considered is the one for the user of the ski pass and not the age of the person who purchased it, since these can be different. If it were required for the ski station stuff, it is necessary to provide the documentation able to confirm the age, these will be the following: ID card, NIE (Foreigners Identification Number), or the passport.


    Age ranges for the ski pass purchase:


    The ski station reserves the right to carry out controls in the ski slopes when appropriate (those can include visual recordings) in which it can be demanded the identification of each person to avoid fraudulent use of the ski passes and guarantee the fulfilment of the buyer's assumed responsibilities of the ski passes.


    7. In order to access any offer, you will have to previously show the documentation proving that the rules established by the ski stations are being followed. Generally, the complementary accreditations that the ski station can require are the following ones:


    • Clubs: Accreditation proving that the owner is a member. Each ski station is free to additionally demand the documentation proving that the previous accreditation is valid according to the ski passes’ dates.
    • Large family/ Single-Parent family: Large family/ Single-Parent family document.
    • People with functional diversity: The official document proving the disability degree and if they require or not a companion.
    • Residents: The official registration document.
    • Once the ski pass is acquired, no modality changes are permitted if this one has already been used.

    8. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform him or herself about the offers or discounts that can be applied to its personal or particular conditions.


    9. The ski resort is not committed to carrying out the refund, total or partially, of the ski pass price because of the customers' lack of awareness about the existence of applicable offers or discounts during the moment of the purchase, neither for posterior special offers that could be more beneficial. The purchase of the product implies the customer's knowledge about the applicable conditions, the one about its validity, etc.

    10. The price of the ski passes includes the pertinent subscription to the Compulsory Travellers' Insurance (AOV) and the applicable VAT corresponding to the 10%. The price does NOT include the coverage of accidents insurance having them occurred in the ski slopes or the ski stations facilities, except for those occasioned directly by the ski lifts (AOV), if this is accredited (excluding an inappropriate use of the ski lifts from the customer, and those produced by negligence or carelessness). The owner of the ski pass or the person asking for the attendance of the ski station staff will be responsible for paying the cost of the services and the damages produced in the ski station, their material goods or people, except for the ones indicated previously. In that case, it will be the owners' responsibility to hire a personal accident policy to cover the accident produced in the ski station’s facilities where the use of the ski pass has taken place. The ski station recommends the costumers hiring a policy able to cover.

    11. All the ski passes, in every modality, are personal and non-transferable being used just for one skier per day and per ski pass. Their resale or cessation is totally prohibited. Its cessation, resale, manipulation, inadequate use, or the breach of the owner/ carrier's obligations is considered a fraudulent act. Without any prejudice about the legal actions that the ski station could execute against the owner or the carrier, the fraudulent use or the breach of the assumed conditions by the owner or carrier will lead to the immediate confiscation of the ski pass by the ski station staff, or the automatic block of the ski pass to avoid their access to the ski station facilities, therefore the owner won't be able to demand any compensation.

    12. To know all the kinds of ski passes we offer, their presentations, and where to buy them, consult the FAQS which can be found on the web pages of the ski stations.

    13. The ski resort map, or any other information that can be found on the distribution channel that determines the station, has an indicative value, especially on everything that talks about the total or partial opening and closing of the ski station and its facilities. It is the customer’s responsibility to be informed about the weather conditions, just like the punctual updates related to the opening, closing, and the condition of the facilities, which the ski station could have reported previously.

    14. In case of contradiction among the information proportioned by any media, the ski slopes broadcast, and the safety signs in the ski slopes, will always prevail the prohibition to any access or the most restrictive indication.

    15. All the customers which registered their personal data and/or conserve the identification number of Piri neu 365 (WTP code on the selling ticket) will be able to demand a duplicate of the ski pass if this one is lost or robbed. Before making any duplicate it will be checked that the card and precharged ski passes haven't been used or have had any fraudulent use. The price of this duplicate, if it were possible, would be 1€, except if its disqualification or faulty use it is not because of the skier, in that case, we wouldn't charge for the duplicate. The insurance is not duplicable, so the customer would have to purchase a new one. 

    16. In any case, the application of these General Conditions will be subject to the fulfilment of the indications dictated by the ski station staff if any incident takes place in the ski station’s facilities.

    17. To make any reclamation concerning the ski pass, the owner will have to go to the Main Offices and the Customers Service of the ski station, or via the Customers Service e-mail:


    La Molina: [email protected]

    Espot i Port Ainé: [email protected]

    Vallter: [email protected]

    Vall de Núria: receptiu@valldenuria.cat

    Boí Taüll: [email protected]


    18. In any case, the application of these general conditions is subject to compliance with the instructions issued by the station staff in the event of incidents affecting the safety of the installation.




    1. The ski station won’t make a refund, total or partial, of the ski pass price for any reason related to the snow, environmental or weather conditions that may difficult the use of the ski passes, independently of the length of these affectations.

    2. Purchases of services with a free choice date during the current season:


    For purchases in online stores, you can exercise the right to cancel and withdraw from the purchase of unused services, being able to request free cancellation, prior to using the services and provided that it is requested within a maximum date of up to 2 days after the date of purchase. Otherwise, no cancellation will be accepted.


    Dated service purchases:


    Vallter: ski passes can be canceled until 11 pm the day before the validity date, after that time no refund will be made.
    In the case of passes for 2 consecutive days with a date, a single day cannot be returned, once used it no longer allows any type of return.
    * The Parque Lúdico acts as if it were an undated service


    Vall de Núria: you can cancel up to 2 days before the validity date, from that moment no refund will be made.


    No other type of cancellation is contemplated beyond what is provided at any time in the general conditions of use of each service provision.


    3. If during the 2021-2022 season there are some affectations provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic and some new measures have to be fulfilled, the ski station will proceed to the refund of the unused ski passes according to the following criteria:




    4. The purchase of the PiriNeu 365 card has no refund or cancellation policy. Once you purchase that card you are accepting that condition.

    5. All those who purchased unused ski passes won't have any right to refund or compensation except for the case of the COVID-19 measures, or what has been contemplated in the 2nd item of the Cancellation Policy about online shopping.

    6. Those customers who have purchased ski passes for the 20-21 season and before the 30th of April 2021 and haven’t asked any contingency via the usual channels, are accepting that the unused ski passes will be considered out of stock without any right to ask for a refund.




    The usage normative of the ski passes, the season tickets, the ski slopes, and the facilities are publically displayed in the Skier's Attention Office's billboard, and also on the ski station's webs.


    1. For the ski lifts' use, it is indispensable any kind of ski pass expedited by the ski station.


    2. The ski passes and season tickets are personal and non-transferrable.


    3. The ski passes and season tickets will only be refunded in the cases contemplated in the Cancellation Policy, not carrying out this refund when the access or use of the facilities are limited by other causes just like those aroused by weather, environmental, technical, security conditions, etc.


    4. The ski pass’ owner at all times assumes the risks aroused by the practice of ski, and in general, of all those personal or material damages that can take place during the activity, either during the use of the ski lifts, the ski slopes, or other facilities. The ski pass's owner is the responsible of his acts, as well as for his negligent behaviour that could endanger his own or others' physical integration, and hasn't prevented his own physical limitations for skiing, or assumes a wrong personal ski level.


    5. An inadequate behaviour or the breach of the facilities' normative which the ski station staff assumes that endangers the cardholder or others, as well as the breach of the instructions, warnings, and signalization in the ski station can make the station staff confiscate the ski pass (or block), all that notwithstanding the civil or penal responsibilities which the cardholder could have committed.


    6. The off-piste ski, skiing on a signalized closed slope, breaching the security instructions of the adequate ski pass use, can lead to the confiscation or automatic block of this one, and in any case, excuses the ski station of any responsibility.


    7. It is the ski station’s responsibility to determine the dates, the opening and closing timetable of their facilities taking into account the technical, security, and environmental conditions, as well as any other causes that may affect the development of any activity.


    8. The applicable insurances to the ski passes will come into effect the first day that this one passes through the ski lift, according to the insurance company's normative.


    9. In the event of a fraudulent use (illegal resale, transferred to others, falsifications, lost ski passes found on the floor, etc.) the ski pass will be confiscated. The use of any ski pass by others (including family and friends), is considered a fraudulent use and will also imply the requisition of the ski pass.


    10. The ski passes and season tickets’ price will be established according to the valid rate on course, which will be published by the ski station’s corresponding media.


    11. The ski station puts up for sale ski passes for professionals with specific conditions, only these ones permit the professional development of the ski, and NOT the others.


    12. The skier/snowboarder is obliged to identify himself if it is required by the ski station staff.


    13. The facilities and ski slopes are designed for the practice of various ski modalities, and other sportive modalities under the condition that the used material has to be homologated with the CE marking. The ski station reserves the right to not authorizing some modalities’ practice because of configuration or security reasons.


    14. For everyone’s security, it is suggested to the ski slopes and facilities’ users to follow the Security Rules FIS, which can be consulted on the entity’s web page.


    15. The ski station staff will indicate and inform you about any contingency not indicated previously.


    16. The purchase of any product implies the acceptance of the ski passes and season tickets' general conditions and the ski passes, ski slopes, and facilities' usage normative.






    1. The skiable dominion of La Molina + Masella offers 145km available.


    2. The common sector between La Molina + Masella is known by the name Two Stations. The crossroads between both stations are conveniently signalized. If you are not familiar with the skiable dominion you should read and interpret the signalizations in the ski slopes, and consult the pocket map or the APP, particularly in the Two Stations sector.


    3. Skiing in the skiable dominion of La Molina + Masella requires a ski pass or season ticket of La Molina + Masella. With a ski pass or season ticket of one ski station, you are not able to ski at the other one. To go from one station to the other without a ski pass or season ticket of La Molina + Masella implies having to go back with a go back pass which will have to be purchased in the ticket office, located in the base area of the corresponding stations. This pass costs 8€.


    4. The ski passes’ purchase of both stations will be previously charged in a different support which is the station's property and will be lending to the customer for daily usage for the cost of 2€. Once the ski day, or days, are over the customer will have to return the card and the 2€ will be returned.


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