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General conditions of use


    The acquisition of the pass implies knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these General Conditions:

  • A. Acquisition conditions


    1. The Pirineu365 card is the support that will allow you access to the facilities. This support allows you to load the purchased products and can be recharged and reused as many times as the customer wants throughout different seasons, both summer and winter. The price of the Pirineu365 card will be €2.00 (non-refundable). The buyer of the card has a duty of care.

    2. The pass is personal and non-transferable. Improper manipulation of a Pirineu365 card, its fraudulent use and, in particular, its resale or free assignment to a third party, will result in its immediate withdrawal and cancellation.

    3. The acquisition of the day or multi-day pass entitles its holder to access and use the resort's facilities that are open to the public, for the practice of winter sports for which the station is authorized and obliges to comply with the station's internal operation and safety rules and without prejudice to the rules and provisions that are of general application, including the guidelines and instructions of the staff of the station

    4. Once the ski pass has been purchased, it will no longer be allowed to change to another modality, if it has already been used and/or does not comply with the return policy.


    5. A specific duration and scope is not established for each winter season and, in this sense, the extension of the winter season will depend on the climatological, environmental, safety and usability conditions of the station facilities at all times. In any case, the winter season means the period of time that usually runs from December to April, during which it is possible to practice winter sports at the ski resorts of the Catalan Pyrenees.

    6. To find out the types of ski passes, the benefits and where they can be purchased, you can consult the corporate websites of the stations or the different appropriate media available to each station. The price of ski passes and season tickets will be according to the current rate for the current season.

    7. It is the customer's responsibility to inform themselves in advance of the offers or discounts that may be adjusted and applied to their personal or particular circumstances. The station is not obliged to refund, in whole or in part, the price of the pass that has been paid due to the client's ignorance of the existence of discounts or offers applicable at the time of purchase, nor as a consequence of postings of post-acquisition special offers that could be more advantageous. The acquisition of the product involves knowledge on the part of the acquiring customer of the applicable conditions, their scope and those related to their use, validity, etc. As well as the knowledge of the most advantageous rates for online purchases, from most stations, with respect to purchases made at the ticket offices or kiosks of the stations themselves.

    8. Passes must be purchased based on the age of the user. Customers can purchase passes in advance, but the age that is considered is the date on which the pass is used, not the age on the date of purchase, which may be different. If required by the station staff, you will need to provide the documentation that allows you to prove your age and they will be the following: DNI, NIE or passport.


    Age ranges for the ski pass purchase:


    9. In order to be able to access any offer, the prior presentation of the documentation that certifies compliance with the conditions indicated by the station for these purposes will be mandatory. In general, and without prejudice to additional accreditations that the station may require:

    • Clubs: Accreditation that the holder is a member. Each station may additionally demand the presentation of documentation that proves the validity of this condition on the date of use of the pass.
    • Large family/single parent: identification card or equivalent documentation considered sufficient for each station.
    • Persons with functional diversity: identification card or certificate attesting to the degree of disability and whether or not it requires accompaniment.
    • Residents or registered: Certificates of registration.
    • Family packs: Family book or supporting document and ID of the family members.


    10. The price of the ski pass includes VAT (10%) and Compulsory Travel Insurance (AOV) because it is a ticket. The price of the ski pass does NOT include insurance for accidents on the slopes or accidents occurring in the station facilities, except for those caused directly by ski lifts (AOV), when so accredited (in this case, those derived from misuse of the lift by the customer or user and those caused by negligence, carelessness or any other case). The holder of the ski pass or of the person who requires the assistance of station staff or third parties will be responsible for paying the amount of the services and the damages caused to the station or its property or people, with the exception of cases indicated above. In this case, it will also be the responsibility of the pass holder to take out a personal accident policy that provides coverage in the event of an accident in the ski area of ​​the resort. This insurance does not cover off-piste skiing. The resort recommends that customers take out insurance cover.


    11. All customers who have registered their data and/or who keep the identification number of the Pirineu365 card (WTP code that appears on the back of the support and on the sales ticket) may request a duplicate of the pass in case of loss or theft. Before making a duplicate, it will be verified that the card and the pre-loaded passes have not been used or have any other fraudulent use. The price of making the duplicate, if it were possible, will be €2.00 corresponding to the purchase of a new Pirineu365 card. In case of deterioration, a duplicate will be issued against the delivery of the damaged original free of charge.

    12. Several products can be purchased in a single purchase that can be used throughout the current season with the exception of those that are sold for a specific date or that are passes for consecutive days in which their validity will be determined from first day of use. In the sales mode with a date, the ski passes will only be valid for the specific date chosen.

    13. The station reserves the right to carry out the checks it deems appropriate (and which may include visual recordings) being able to demand the identification of people in order to avoid fraudulent use of the cards or passes and to be able to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the buyer.

    14. The station offers ski passes for professionals with specific conditions. With the exception of these, the rest of the ski passes do not allow professional skiing.

    15. Any information embodied in the support or distribution channel determined by the resort, has a merely indicative and indicative value, especially in what refers to the total or partial opening or closing of the ski resort and of their facilities. It is the customer's responsibility to inform themselves conveniently of the weather conditions, as well as of the timely updates, related to the opening, closing and status of the facilities that may be issued by the station in the daily snow bulletin, published on website and the App. In case of contradiction between the information in the snow report and that provided by any other means and the signage on the piste, the prohibition of access or the indication that is more restrictive in each case always prevails.


    16. In any case, the application of these General Conditions will be subject to the fulfilment of the indications dictated by the ski station staff if any incident takes place in the ski station’s facilities.

    17. To make any reclamation concerning the ski pass, the owner will have to go to the Main Offices and the Customers Service of the ski station, or via the Customers Service e-mail:


    La Molina: [email protected]

    Espot: [email protected]

    Port Ainé:  [email protected]

    Vallter: [email protected]

    Vall de Núria: [email protected]

    Boí Taüll: [email protected]


    Different channels are also available to users to send complaints or suggestions to FGC. They can be consulted at this link


  • B. Return Policy 

    1. All ski passes, in any form, are subject to the return policy provided for in these General Conditions.

    2. The station will not refund, in whole or in part, the amount of the pass purchased, for any reason or contingency derived from snow, environmental or meteorological conditions that prevent or limit the use of the pass in his domain, regardless of the temporality of the affect or the contingency.

    3. Passes for more than one day have a unified and discounted rate compared to those for one day, becoming a unitary product, a quality that makes any partial refund or compensation impossible once it has started use


    4. Cancellation of purchases made through the online store:

    • Depending on the product chosen, we can find two types of cancellation:
      • Purchases of services of free choice:
        For purchases in online stores, without a specific date of service, you may exercise the right to cancel and withdraw all or part of the products within the purchase, as long as these are not have used. Used product means any step through the access doors of the ski lifts with or without skis. It must be done within 48 hours of the date of purchase. Otherwise, cancellation will not be accepted.

      • Purchases of services with date:
        Products sold with a date can be canceled until 23:00 of the day before the validity date, after this time no refunds will be made.

    5. In both cases, the cancellation of the purchase of the products must be done through the Customer Area in the Order History section. By going to the specific ticket/pass and clicking on See details. If you are within the established period, you can choose the option to make the automatic refund.

    6. No other type of cancellation is contemplated beyond what is provided for in this document.

    7. The purchase of the Pirineu365 card does not apply any return, cancellation and/or refund policy. This condition is expressly accepted at the time of purchase.

    8. Those people who have purchased passes for the 23-24 season and who, prior to the respective closing day of the 2023-2024 season, have not declared any contingency through the usual channels, expressly accept that the unused passes will be given as sold out and they will not be entitled to claim any compensation.

  • C. Regulations for the use of ski passes, passes, tracks and facilities

    1. These regulations are publicly displayed on the notice board of the Public Service Office or on the stations' websites.

    2. To use the ski lifts it is essential to bring any type of ski pass, ticket or pass issued by the station.

    3. The amounts of ski passes and subscriptions will only be reimbursed in the cases provided for in the Cancellation Policy (Point B), and this reimbursement does not apply when access or use of the facilities is limited by other causes such as those arising from meteorological, environmental, technical, security conditions, etc.

    4. In case of loss of the day pass or several days, it is the customer's responsibility to inform the station of the incident as soon as it is detected. In these cases, the station can, at its discretion and taking into account the conditions of the specific case, proceed to block the use of the pass in order to avoid its fraudulent use. To issue a new ski pass, see the purchase conditions section (point A).

    5. The holder of the ski pass acknowledges and assumes in any case the risks arising from the sporting practice of skiing in the natural environment in the high mountains, an area where the level and meteorological conditions can vary. It is the responsibility of the skier to observe the state of the slopes, in order to avoid adverse circumstances for the practice of skiing (ice, stones and other natural elements) and, in general, to avoid all those personal or material damages that occur during the development of the activity, whether due to the use of the ski lifts, the ski slopes or other facilities or complementary dependencies. The station will signal these incidents on the slopes as soon as it becomes aware of them, without it being possible to guarantee the signaling of all the adverse circumstances that can occasionally occur in the high mountains.

    6. The holder of the ski pass is responsible for his acts and omissions, as well as for actions or negligent conduct that put his physical integrity or that of third parties at risk, and that have not provided for their own physical limitations for the practice of the sport or those inherent in the level of personal skiing.


    7. Inadequate behavior or non-compliance with the basic rules for the use of the facilities that, in the opinion of station staff, put the owner or third parties at risk, as well as non-compliance with instructions, warnings and signage of the station, will authorize the staff of the station to proceed with the withdrawal (or blocking, as the case may be) of the ski pass; all of this without prejudice to the civil or criminal responsibilities that the holder may have additionally incurred.

    8. Skiing off-piste, on a closed or unmarked piste and signposted by the resort, or against the warnings or instructions in terms of safety or the proper use of the pass, may lead to its withdrawal or automatic blocking of the ski pass and, in any case, exempts the station from any responsibility.

    9. It is the power of the station to determine the opening and closing dates and times of its facilities, taking into account the existing technical and meteorological circumstances and security conditions, as well as any other causes that may affect the development of the activity.

    10. The insurances applicable or corresponding to the ski passes enter into force and are effective from the date of the first day on which the ski pass goes through the ski lift's turn, according to the regulations of the insurance company.

    11. The free use of Ski-Bike, Snow-Bike or Snowscoot equipment is not allowed on the slopes of the mountain resorts managed by FGC. With the exception of when its use becomes directly related to people with reduced mobility.

    12. For everyone's safety, users of the tracks and facilities are recommended to follow the FIS safety rules that can be consulted on the entity's website.

    13. The station staff will indicate and inform you about any contingency not previously indicated.


    14. In case of fraudulent use (illegal resale, transfer to third parties, forgery, lost and found ski passes, non-corresponding age group, etc.) the ski pass will be withdrawn and canceled without the option of requesting any compensation. Fraudulent use of any pass used by a third party (including family and friends) also implies the withdrawal and cancellation of the pass. If FGC detects several days of fraud in the same season, FGC has the power not to sell any more services to the affected person and to take any legal action it deems appropriate.

    15. The station reserves the right to carry out the checks it deems appropriate (and which may include visual recordings) and may require the identification of people in order to avoid fraudulent use of the pass/pass and to guarantee compliance of the obligations assumed by the buyer. The skier/surfer is obliged to identify himself at the request of the resort staff, with the DNI or other document.


    16. Before using our facilities, ensure that you have sufficient knowledge and physical ability to use them safely for yourself and others. It is important that you know the various types of ski lifts and the specialties of their use. Follow the directions of facility staff and informational signs. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


    • Ski area of ​​La Molina + Masella


    The La Molina + Masella ski area offers 145 km of skiing.


    The common sector between La Molina + Masella is known as Alp 2500. The junctions between the stations are conveniently signposted in this sector. If you do not know the ski area, you must read and interpret the signage on the slopes and on the pocket map or the app, particularly in the Dues Estacions sector.


    Skiing in the La Molina + Masella ski domain requires a La Molina + Masella pass or pass. With a ski pass or season pass from one resort you cannot ski at the other. Going from one station to another without a pass or a La Molina + Masella pass means returning with the return pass, which must be purchased at the ticket offices, located at the base of the respective stations. The return pass costs €8.


    The La Molina + Masella passes for the municipalities of Alp, Das and Urús are for recreational skiing. Professional exercise is not permitted with these ski passes.


    The resolution of incidents or contingencies registered by the holders of a La Molina + Masella pass as well as the regulations of use are of equal application.


    • Specific conditions for accessing the Vall de Núria rack train


    When purchasing the Rack Railway + ski pass, you must specifically reserve the time of ascent and descent.


    The user can always change the time to get off the train, as long as he has not crossed the access barriers.


    If for any reason the Coma del Clot cable car is not in service, no amount will be refunded, as this is a service included in the zip line ticket, at no extra cost. 

  • D. Conditions of respect and coexistence

    FGC is a space where coexistence is enhanced. For this reason, users must maintain a civil, correct and respectful behavior with other users of the stations and FGC staff, and must follow the instructions of FGC staff, the signs on the posters, announcements and public address.

    Not allowed:

    • Smoking in all FGC facilities.

    • Throw rubbish in the environment.

    • Fix posters.

    • Distribute advertising.

    • Street sale inside the FGC facilities.

    • Carry out activities or actions that may disturb or alter public order or FGC services.

    • Take actions that damage or dirty the facilities.

    • Remain inside the facilities outside the scheduled hours.

    • Manipulate, destroy or damage any element related to the installation and the service in general.

    • Begging and doing any kind of artistic or commercial activity on the premises, without the authorization of the company.
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