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Switzerland in youth and France in seniors win the ISMF European Championships mixed relay test Skimo Boí Taüll 2022

The final medal standings were won by Italy with 22, followed by France with 20 and Switzerland with 16. Spain was in fourth place with 8 medals.


The Spanish team formed by Ana Alonso and Oriol Cardona have fought, until the last moment, for the third place on the podium.



Sunday the 13th February, the last day of the ISMF European Championships Skimo Boí Taüll 2022 was held, and they did it with the Mixed Relay event.


This test was held on the same course for both categories: youth and seniors. With mixed women’s and men’s teams, the participants did the route twice interspersed with each other.




Being a test of speed and technique, the participants had to keep a very high pace to try to get the desired last continental title. The test model has already been adapted to the guidelines that will be followed in the Olympic competitions.




The Swiss youth team and France senior team have won. Once the relay race was over, the closing ceremony of the ISMF European Championships Skimo Boí Taüll 2022 took place.

February 13, 2022

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