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Could you explain the difference between mountain skiing and Nordic skiing?


Now that the 2023 ISMF World Ski Mountain Championships are starting, we explain the difference between these types of skiing and which tests are part of the ski mountain championships.


Skimo is the diminutive of ski mountaineering that is commonly used to say mountain skiing.


Mountain skiing is based on going up and down the mountains without ski lifts, with the help of skis. For the ascent, a material called seal skin is attached to the sole of the skis (originally it was animal seal, nowadays it is synthetic).

This skin has the hair placed in the forward direction, and prevents the ski from sliding back down the slope, but allows it to slide forward and thus be able to climb. The mountain ski binding allows the heels to be released, and the boots allow rotation of the shaft, so that a movement similar to walking can be performed, "dragging" the skis. To descend, the heel of the boot is fixed to the ski, the rotation of the boot is blocked and the skin is detached, and a position similar to that of alpine or piste skiing is achieved. Since no lifts are used, it is a sport that allows you to discover the mountains and nature beyond the domains of a ski resort.



When we talk about Nordic skiing we usually talk about cross-country skiing, the boot is not fixed to the base of the skis permanently, a big difference with alpine skiing which is traditionally practiced more in Catalonia. Nordic skiing also does not use ski lifts.


The purpose of Nordic skiing is to slide (not walk) as much as possible on the snow with the least amount of effort, which is why it is practiced on terrain with gentle reliefs and less steep slopes. This type of ski has an anti-slip system backwards to be able to move forward. Currently there are several types such as the traditional scales, wax or sealskin.
Modalities such as cross-country skiing, telemark skiing or biathlon are typical of Nordic skiing.


In the same way as with mountain skiing, this modality allows you to enjoy great snowy landscapes and nature within Nordic ski resorts.



The tests of the Skimo Championships held in Boí Taüll from February 27 to March 5 can be easily followed from the station.


The vertical, the individual, the teams and the Olympic events of the Sprint and the relays present circuits that run through the skiing domain, bringing the Skimo closer to everyone who approaches the slopes.


We have the will and commitment to show the world the potential of the Vall de Boí to host events of the highest international level and make all the attendees enjoy this privileged environment.

February 23, 2023
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