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A day in Vallter2000

Last weekend we sent our luxury reporter in Vallter2000 to experience a one-day experience in Vallter with the skibus from Girona. We leave you with the report of the day.

Good morning! It is 7 in the morning and we are at the Bus Station, at Piere Vilar Street 3, and the bus has been very timely. We climbed backpack on board and to Vallter2000!


We arrive at 9 at the foot of the slopes and we go straight to pick up the ski equipment: boots, skis and sticks! The companions of the station previously, waxed, clean the corners the skis and clean so that we find in the best conditions the material.



Once ready, we put on our boots, skis, pick up the sticks and up the Jordi Pujol Planella chairlift ! This cable car takes us to the highest part of the station, just where the river Ter is born, at 2,535 meters. From there, just get off the chair lift to the left, to take one of the longest ski slopes, Els Barquins , with 1900 meters to enjoy going down. This is the Bac area , where we also find the Jordi Pujol track , which as the chair lift pays tribute to the Olympic Alpine skier that we explained in another entry (see here).



In the descents you can catch a lot of speed but you can also go slower thanks to the dimensions of the blades which being wide allows you to improve the style and enjoy a good descent with tranquility.

February 27, 2019
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