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Boí Taüll announces ambitious New Products for the 2023-2024 Winter Season

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Boí Taüll is gearing up for an exciting winter season with a series of new features designed to enhance the visitor experience and establish itself as a leading winter sports destination. Planned improvements include:

  • Ski Mountaineering World Cup on January 27 and 28: Boí Taüll will host the sprint and mixed relay events. With the celebration of the Skimo World Championships in 2023, the station has become the Pyrenean reference for this modality that will be Olympic at the Milano-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.


  • Expansion of the Beginners' Area in the Neret Zone: A wider and more comfortable experience awaits beginners with the expansion of the beginners' area in the Neret zone. The installation of two parallel tracks and the creation of a longer and wider track will double the size of the area for novice skiers.


  • Inauguration of 'Lloguer Basseta' at the Base of the Station: Boí Taüll presents a new rental service location, called 'Lloguer Basseta', with the aim of doubling the influx capacity and improving customer service in this crucial area.


  • 10 Car Charging Points in Parking 2: In an effort to promote electric and sustainable mobility, 10 car charging points have been installed in Parking 2, offering a practical solution for visitors who opt for vehicles electric


  • New Access Ramp to the Central Terrace from Parking 2: Improving the comfort of visitors, a new ramp has been created that allows direct access to the central terrace of the Station Base from Parking 2, facilitating the displacements


  • Inclusive Changing Room on the Terrace at the Base of the Station: In order to ensure accessibility, an inclusive changing room has been installed on the terrace at the base of the station, improving the experience for people with reduced mobility.


  • Expansion of the Snow Park and New Play Area: The Snow Park is undergoing extensive expansion, including a nursery and a snow garden, offering the little ones a space dedicated to fun and winter activities.


  • Expansion of the Cafeteria l'Isard: To meet the needs of visitors, the Cafeteria l'Isard undergoes an expansion to offer more space and comfort.


  • Two New Ticket Vending Machines: Facilitating the purchase process, two new ticket vending machines have been added to the facilities.


  • New Snow-Treading Machine: Boí Taüll incorporates a new state-of-the-art snow-treading machine to ensure an optimal quality of the slopes.
Boí Taüll announces ambitious New Products for the 2023-2024 Winter Season
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