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Port Ainé enthusiastically presents the News for the 2023-2024 Winter Season

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Port Ainé, November 17, 2023 – Port Ainé is excited to share the exciting news that will mark the upcoming winter season. With the goal of improving the visitor experience, the resort has prepared a series of improvements that promise to enrich the winter adventures of snow lovers.

  • New Panoramic Lookout "El Balconet de Port Ainé" 2000 level: A new attraction awaits visitors with the panoramic lookout "El Balconet de Port Ainé" at 2000 level. This platform will offer spectacular views of the majestic mountain range and the resort, providing a unique place to capture the beauty of the landscape.


  • New Ski Lockers with Electronic Combination: In order to provide a safer and more practical option for storing ski equipment, new ski lockers with electronic combination have been installed. This innovation offers skiers peace of mind while enjoying the facilities.


  • New Freestyle Modules and New Signage in the Snowpark: For lovers of acrobatics and freestyle, Port Ainé has introduced new modules and improved signage in the Snowpark. These improvements will provide a more exciting and safer space for riders looking for the adrenaline of freestyle tracks.


  • New Vending Machine at Cota 2000 and Screen in Rialp: With the aim of making shopping easier, a new vending machine has been purchased at Cota 2000. In addition, a screen will be placed in Rialp to facilitate online shopping to users, ensuring an efficient and convenient shopping experience.
Port Ainé enthusiastically presents the News for the 2023-2024 Winter Season
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