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    1. To travel, you must purchase a ticket suitable for the journey to be made and attend to the seat assignment of FGC customer service agents.


    2. The purchase of tickets can be done through advance sales channels. In the case of vacancies, it can also be done at the Balaguer station or en route, through FGC customer service agents.


    3. The ticket must be kept until it leaves the destination station to be displayed when requested by company staff at any point on the journey.


    4. The ticket is not valid if it has been altered or tampered with or, where applicable, if it is not accompanied by the identification card or does not correspond to the specific conditions of use.


    5. The passenger has the right to use the ticket that suits him best and the obligation to find out, before purchasing it, the characteristics of each ticket. The traveler has the appropriate information about the areas of the journey in the information panels.


    6. Improper use of the service implies the payment of a minimum fee in the terms and conditions established by the corresponding law. The minimum charge established for the improper use of the service is € 100. The payment of the minimum collection has a 50% bonus if it is made within the next € 48, on working days. Children under 18 have a 50% discount for 30 days.


    7. In the event that the passenger carries a ticket with indications of having been tampered with or forged, the provisions of the corresponding Railway Law shall apply.


    8. At Balaguer station there is a book of objections to the minimum perception available to the customer. The deadline for completing an objection form is thirty days.


    9. Possession of a valid Tren dels Llacs ticket guarantees the provision of transport and the occupation of a seat inside the train. Under no circumstances can you sit on the platforms.


    10. Children under four can travel for free if they do not occupy a seat.


    11. Minors must be accompanied on trips throughout the unit and must take special care on the platforms and access and exit areas.


    12. At stops at different stations, passengers must begin to board the train at the first whistle of the locomotive.


    13. It is not possible to travel with animals, with the exception of guide dogs, security animals from the same operating company and pets that are admitted to the conditions. Pets can be brought free of charge as long as the use of the trains does not change this condition and the conditions established by the regulations are met. Dogs must wear a muzzle and must be fastened with a leash from the moment they enter the FGC premises. Small animals must travel inside baskets or cages and in no case can they occupy a seat. Anyone carrying dogs considered potentially dangerous by Law 10/1999 must do so in accordance with current legislation.


    14. Bicycles can be transported free of charge, as long as the use of the train allows it.


    15. Users traveling with luggage must use the luggage tray. Car aisles and platforms need to be left free.


    16. FGC is a smoke-free space.


    17. FGC is a space where coexistence is enhanced. For this reason, users must maintain a civic, correct and respectful behavior with the rest of the passenger and FGC staff, and must follow the instructions of FGC staff, the signs on the signs, the train notices. and the stations, and the public address system.




    - Smoking in all FGC facilities.

    - Open the doors while the train is running.

    - Remove objects or body parts through windows and external openings.

    - Use the train toilet at the stops at the different stations.

    - Riding bicycles, skates or similar.

    - Use information points and help without just cause or misuse them.

    - Get on or off the train after the acoustic signal has sounded.

    - Introduce objects or materials that may be dangerous or annoying.

    - Travel in inappropriate conditions or places.

    - Access to unauthorized places or go down the road and access the tunnels.

    - Prevent or force the opening or closing of train doors or manipulate their mechanisms.

    - Use train alarm devices without a justified cause or prevent their legitimate use.

    - Carry out activities or actions that may disturb or alter public order or FGC services.

    - Maintain a behavior that involves a danger to one's own physical integrity or to the rest of the passage.

    - Carry out actions that damage or soil trains or facilities.

    - Stay in the facilities outside the scheduled hours.

    - Manipulate, destroy or deteriorate any element related to traffic and service in general.

    -- Throwing or depositing objects on the road or in its surroundings.

    - Using evacuation routes or emergency exits without justification or obstructing them.

    - Apply for and carry out any kind of artistic or commercial activity on trains and facilities, without the authorization of the company.


    Failure to comply with these prohibitions constitutes an infringement in accordance with Law 4/2006, of 31 March, on railways, which can be sanctioned if it is classified as minor with a fine of up to 6,000 euros if it is classified as serious, with a fine of up to 30,000 euros, and, if very serious, up to 300,000 euros.

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