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Supporting the freestyle: Port AIné Snowpark

Port Ainé it's historically a 100% dump resort with the Freestyle and practice this type of ski and snowboard , as it opened in the 2002/2003 season, it installed one of the first Snowparks in the Pyrenees.


At that time San Miguel opted for events like the San Miguel Snow Beer . Also, Seat was also one of the first sponsors of the Park, seeing these important companies the emerging importance that the new facility would have.


The Port Ainé Snowpark is located in the middle of the station (2,200 m). Its north face location guarantees excellent snow quality and quantity. It has an extension of 12,000 m2 in which three lines of different levels of difficulty are distinguished, offering a good progression and several alternatives so that the rider can evolve in the best way.


These three areas are the initiation, the PRO and the Street Line, which have a total of 8 jumps and 17 modules.



The initiation line has 4 modules (Box 4 meters wide, Box 6 meters wide, Box flat-lowered 4 x 8 meters, Box plan 8 meters) and 4 jumps (From 2 and 4 meters).


On the other hand, the Pro has 3 modules (Flat tube Rail 6 meters, Rail raised 8 meters, Rail lowered 12 meters) and 4 jumps (6, 8, 10 and 12 meters).


The Street Line , the most focused installation on jibbing , has 10 modules, (PVC flat tube 5 meters, polejump tube 5 meters, Rainbow 6 meters, Porter tube 6 meters, C box 6 meters, Rail tube 6 meters, Rail flat-drop 2 x 6 meters, tube up-down 2 x 6 meters, lowered tube - flat 6 x 1 meters and modular box 9 meters).




March 19, 2018
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