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We continue with our Neu per a tots! series by visiting one of the Group's most accessible ski resorts, next to Barcelona Ferrocarrils De la Generalitat, FGC. Surely you know la Molina, one of the most famous slopes in the eastern Pyrenees in the province of Girona.


Did you know that La Molina has received the Certificate of the Agencia Catalana de Turisme of "Family Tourism Equipment "? We, as specialists in family services, have not missed out and want to highlight this station for:


The activities for the little ones in the Snow Garden and its playground which at weekends has a program of own entertainment and adapted so that the little ones can learn to ski. The new rates for family ski passes, discounts for children and juniors up to 25 years old, combined packs, and other offers so that all without exception can enjoy the snow. The Adapted Sports Center (CEA) a new service that offers alternatives such as tandem skiing, so that families whose members have a member with a physical or psychological disability can access the sensations of skiing.




We sent two parents with their two children on one of the busiest weekends to fulfill a mission: Brand New with the skis and enjoy the snow to the fullest! In addition to the optimum weather conditions, this weekend the Carnival and the igloo builders meeting were also held Ohmaiglú Association


The station organizes activities scheduled for different types of public every weekend And not just for skiers! Do you have a friend with a house there? Well, you're in luck.



How to get to La Molina from Barcelona


Iits an hotel park which is usually full during the snowy season. Impossible to find an accommodation to stay for the weekend if you do not book in advance. To get our ski gear off, we plan a return trip on the same day. The journey by car from Barcelona lasts 2 hours if you do not take dense traffic or caravan. Purpose: To program our getaway perfectly.

Another time it struck us that you can also access the Skitren buying a pack that includes train travel from Barcelona, ​​internal bus link to the slopes and ski pass. Have you tried it?

February 02, 2018
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