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5 things you can do if you come with children to Vall de Núria

Do you have any plan to come soon to Vall de Núria with your children and would like to know some options that we offer to make it together? Good! In this post we propose 5 very different activities that you can do as a family, in order to live an unforgettable experience in an unbeatable place!


1. Recreational Park


Tubbing Activitats Parc Lúdic


If you have young children, and you want them to have a great time ... take them to the place par excellence of the children. In the park a series of activities are carried out both diverse and:

- Tubbing with giant donuts

- Sledding down

- Programmed races with cross sled... Slide with snow scooters


You can check all activities and rates on the web!


2. The "Cau de la Marmota"


Cau de la Marmota Cau de la Marmota


Do you have daughters or sons? Do you want to enjoy skiing while your children have a great time? Your place is the Nuria Valley playground. A space in which several activities are carried out by children such as:

- Archery

- Nature and environment workshops

- Snowman contest

- Valley tours

- Various workshops

Its price is free as long as you are staying at the hotel or apartments of the valley. Otherwise, you can check the rates here .


3. Snow plow tours:


If you have never risen to reproach, this is your chance to do so! A unique experience for the whole family to enjoy the landscape that surrounds the Nuria Valley in a different and fun way, climbing to the top of the station and ending the excursion with a glass of cava. It can be done by customers staying at the Hotel every Saturday along with a guide. For schedules and reservations you can consult on the web .


 4. Christening with snowshoes.


If you are adventurous and you want to discover the Nuria Valley in a fun and playful way, you can do it with guided snowshoe tours! The activity takes place on weekends and includes a rack train ticket, guided tour and the necessary equipment! Of course, children must be at least 7 years old to do it. See all the information here .


5. Racket out on full moon nights and dinner.


You live the experience of knowing the Nuria Valley at night! You will walk for two hours and end the excursion with a good dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Vall de Nuria to regain strength. If you are interested in this activity, the next dates to do it are March 23 and April 20 at 16: 30h. For more information and reservations you can visit the web .

February 20, 2019

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