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48 hours and two ways to live Vallter

Do you feel like a weekend outing to go skiing? Maybe in the Camprodón Valley? We suggest a two-day skiing-getaway order to choose in two very different formats: luxury or also a cheaper version. This is Vallter and the Camprodón Valley, with a variety of offers to become a compatible snow destination for all types of pockets.

The Camprodon Valley and its ski resort at the head, Vallter 2000, is one of the corners of the Pyrenees with the most history in the world of snow and mountain tourism.


Although its station was founded in 1974, the fact is that snow sports were practiced there much earlier. This makes it a valley where the atmosphere of snow and the après- ski breathes with intensity.


The fact that it is an alpine ski or snowboard with 18 km of pistes, small compared to many other alpine ski resorts, makes it not always the busiest in the Pyrenees, especially outside of the high season. Quite the opposite as a mountain ski resort, which happens to be a large resort due to the number of routes and options.


Carrer Valencia Camprodón


What we can assure you is that, if you choose to ski in the Camprodon Valley, you have opted for an option that is not too crowded, with identity and where the snow, the atmosphere, the gastronomy and the learned- < span> ski have some singularities that make it unique.


A getaway to Vallter is therefore a great option to discover an environment and ski that will seduce you from the beginning.


Below we offer you some options for living Vallter and the Camprodon Valley in two very different ways: to do it in a way that we could define as "all luxury" or to do it in very cheap prices but good value for money.





However, remember that there are many other interesting offers between the most "luxury" and the cheapest. And if you are the one who prefers rural type options, or hostels, the offer is also generous.


Luxury accommodations

First we will focus on accommodation. Let's see what are the four best hotels in the Camprodon Valley for a getaway in luxury, which will surely surprise our partner if, for example, what we want as romantic gift.

There are several 4 star hotels in the Camprodon Valley. Edelweiss, El Grèvol, Hotelet del Bac and Puig Freancó.



But we will focus on these two: the Hotel Grevol Spa and Hotel La Coma (Setcases). These 2 hotel establishments are those offered by the valley for those who seek maximum comfort. Two hotel nights for a weekend in March for two people, breakfast and sleep included, in these hotels are being valued between 290 and 325 euros, as we have seen in offers on the Internet through the portals B ooking and T rivago .



Cheap accomodations


You must know that there is also the option of staying in campsites with bungalows just to stay in the Valley -add us or half-board hostels, the latter with really very economical options and good services.


However, here we will focus on the cheapest hotel establishments that offer a good guarantee of quality and price.


For example, if we choose some of these three hotels, Sant Roc (Camprodon), Hostal la Placeta (Camprodon) or Hostal Can Tiranda (Setcases) for two nights hotel for the first weekend of March for two people, including breakfast and sleep, accommodation with breakfast will cost us between 135 and 160 euros. Also, as in the previous case, using the apps of Booking and Trivago.



To eat on the slopes

Once on the slopes and when to have breakfast or lunch time, we have three gastronomic points in the station. The self-service restaurant, in the main building of the station, offers us quality mountain cuisine with a very complete menu of only 15 euros.


Hostal Tiranda Setcases


The other option is the Food Truck Rocacorba, located in the old bar of La Borda, in which for less than 8 or 9 euros we can make a sandwich menu with salad and a drink. Don't miss their specialty: the kilometer 0, 100% quality, flavor and territory burgers. 

March 06, 2019
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