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Vall de Núria opens to the public the exhibition on the Ecovall project

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The aim of the exhibition is to make visitors aware of the Ecovall Project, an innovative initiative committed to the improvement and protection of the natural environment.


The opening of the exhibition has coincided with Sant Pere, Saturday 29 June, a holiday marked by the beginning of the grazing season and the blessing of the term, breads and porridge.

This weekend, the mountain resort of Vall de Núria has opened to the public the temporary exhibition “NÚRIA, THE ECOVALL OF THE PYRENEES. A valley without pollution. Will you help us?" The purpose of the exhibition is twofold: on the one hand, visitors are introduced to the Ecovall Project, an innovative initiative committed to the improvement and protection of the natural environment; and for another, visitors are asked to also collaborate in the preservation of the valley.


Through informative panels, photographs and videos, the exhibition revolves around the commitment of the Railway resort of the Generalitat de Catalunya towards the interest of maintaining a pollution-free valley with the use of renewable energies, the improvement waste management and environmental innovation. In this way, the decarbonisation commitments acquired with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) are fulfilled. Through this project, Vall de Núria is becoming a model facility committed to preserving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. Following this line of approach, the exhibition has furniture made from waste ski equipment, recycled products and biodegradable inks.


The Ecovall exhibition deals with the following five areas: Renewable energies, Electric mobility, Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Heritage and Accessibility. Located in the equipment rental space, within Volum Nord, it will be free for all visitors and will be open to the public until November 1, 2024.


The tradition of Sant Pere

The start of the Ecovall temporary exhibition coincides with a very special date for the Ripollès station: June 29, the feast of Sant Pere.


As tradition dictates, the grazing season has begun and, once again, the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary along the old road from Queralbs has been made again. All the people who participated enjoyed a shepherd's breakfast midway and once they arrived in Núria they were able to listen to the mass of Sant Pere and witness the blessing of the term, the breads and the porridge.


A summer full of activities for all audiences

Vall de Núria is the ideal destination to practice all kinds of outdoor activities 365 days a year. In summer, it also becomes a perfect space for fans of sports and nature in general. In addition, it combines the experience of traveling in the emblematic Rack Railway, the only means of transport to access the station, with the wide range of recreational activities that can be done during the hottest months:


  • Ride on the Coma del Clot cable car: Where you can access the Alberg Pic de l’Àliga and a viewpoint with spectacular views of the valley and the peaks. Bring hikers closer to the Mountain.
  • Hiking routes in the Catalan Eastern Pyrenees: A privileged place to get to know, admire and travel the high Pyrenean mountains with peaks that almost reach 3,000 m. From the classic Camí Vell de Queralbs to Núria, to the Travessa dels Refugis del Torb, which will take you through the Canigó massif.
  • With the arrival of good weather, the resort expands its range of activities with yoga sessions for all audiences. This proposal is free for people staying at the Hotel de Vall de Núria.
  • This summer the station incorporates three new trail running circuits around Vall de Núria.
  • Vall de Núria has seven archaeological routes around Núria. These are itineraries of archaeological interest that bear witness to the strong anthropization of the Pyrenean valleys from prehistory (IV-III millennia BC) to contemporary times.
  • Astronomical observation activities by the Montsec Astronomical Park. The activity consists of a first part of recognition of the sky with the naked eye, in which you will find the most important constellations and stars that can be observed. In the second part, an observation will be made of the most outstanding objects of the night through a telescope.
  • Exhibitions: a commitment to dissemination AND learning
    90 years of history. Núria's Rack Railway
    Memories of Snow
    The Valley of the 5 elements

  • Minigolf: A proposal designed to enjoy with the family. The minigolf course, with holes of varying difficulty, is located at the back of the hotel's Sant Antoni building and is decorated and personalized with decorative elements linked to the Valley and the Rack.
  • Boat or canoe ride on Vall de Núria lake, one of the resort's most emblematic places.
  • Horse or pony routes: Another way to discover the landscapes of Vall de Núria, with four itineraries adapted to everyone's level.
  • Photographic circuit: Eight photographic points around the Sanctuary of Núria and the lake. Suitable for all audiences and lasting 25 minutes.


Vall de Núria also has the Vall de Núria Hotel, the Vall de Núria apartments and the Alberg Pic de l'Àliga, managed by Xanascat. These are three spaces equipped with all the comforts, right in the middle of the Pyrenees, where you can enjoy a unique experience sleeping in the high mountains.


As for the gastronomy, all the catering services of this tourist facility have products from km 0, a fact that highlights the excellent resources of the area. Therefore, the Hotel's restaurant, the Cabana dels Pastors, the Bar Finestrelles or the Racó de la Vall offer different proposals with local ingredients to satisfy the most demanding palates.


Space for recreation and nature

The mountain resort of Vall de Núria hides a treasure: the Sanctuary-Basilica of the Virgin of Núria, a place of pilgrimage, calm and traditions at almost two thousand meters in height. It is a space of spiritual retreat in a Marian sanctuary, where retreats and days of meditation and prayer can be held. Close by is the Ermita de Sant Gil, not forgetting the Viacrucis, with its symbolic and monumental sculptures.


The priests and the team offer an atmosphere of spirituality in the Sanctuary of Vall de Núria, with a sober and lively liturgy, solemnized by organ music. The religious service is available to pilgrims on previously arranged weekdays.

Vall de Núria opens to the public the exhibition on the Ecovall project
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