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Ski Safari 

Win a FGC Turisme 24-25 season pass

  • Do you want to win a FGC Turisme season pass?

    Take two photos at two different Photopoints and enter the draw for a season pass.


    Take a photo at 5 different Photopoints of FGC Turisme mountain resorts and you can take home a prize!


    Don't miss the chance to win a season pass for the 6 FGC Turisme mountain resorts.

    Win a FGC Turisme 24-25 season pass
    • SKI SAFARI Beginner

      Complete this challenge and get a season pass for next year. Participate here!

    • SKI SAFARI Master

      Complete this challenge and get a stay for two with ski passes included. Participate here!


  • Ski all over Catalonia and get a 2024-2025 season pass for FGC Turisme mountain resorts

    Ski Safari is a new photo circuit of the FGC Turisme mountain resorts, which allows you to capture your experiences in the snow and win prizes. Vallter, Vall de Núria, La Molina, Espot Esquí, Port Ainé and Boí Taüll have Photopoints, locations from where you can capture images to participate in the draws. On the one hand, by taking photos in two Photpoints, you will opt for a 2024-2025 season pass for all FGC Turisme stations. On the other hand, by capturing images in 5 different Photopints, you can participate in the draw for two stays.


    The three-star Hotel Port Ainé 2000 is located in the same ski resort of Port Ainé, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. It offers a unique opportunity to enjoy sports on the slopes during the winter, all on one of the highest quality snows in the Pyrenees.


    The three-star Hotel Vall de Núria is a charming accommodation surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 meters. Enjoy the magnificent experience of the Tren Cremallera into the valley and all its corners. They are a charm!


    The Photopoint is a photographic camera that equips a trigger with a timer. The timer starts the countdown automatically when the user places their Pirineu365 card or the code that appears on their chairlift or cable car ticket in the space indicated.


    All users can take away a free digital memory of their day with a photo that will be stored from the skiline.cc platform, which they can access by creating a user record and searching for the corresponding photos in your Pirineu365 card number or the code that appears on your chairlift or cable car ticket with which the photo was taken. Once located, users will be able to download or share their photograph.

  • Where will you find them?

    • La Molina

      The Photopoint is located at the access point to the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, arrival station of the Telecabina, summit of Tosa and with panoramic views across Catalonia.

    • Vall de Núria

      The Photopoint is located in a unique landscaped area of the mountain resort from where you can contemplate the most iconic image of the valley: the postcard of the lake and the Sanctuary.

    • Vallter

      The Photopoint is at the arrival point of the chairlift at les Marmotes. It has panoramic views of the Costa Brava and Gra de Fajol, at the foot of the Bastiments.

    • Espot

      The Photopoint is at the highest point of the mountain resort, from where you can see such emblematic peaks as Pica d'Estats.

    • Port Ainé

      The Photopoint is just before you reach the beginners' area, from where you can frame the emblematic photo with the axial Pyrenees in the background.

    • Boí Taüll

      The Photopoint is at Cap de Vaques at Pic de la Pala Ginebrell, with a panoramic view of the Aneto and the 3,000 meters of the Aigüestortes National Park, the Besiberris, the Comaloforno and the Punta Alta.

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