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Health breaks for people over 55

Breathe fresh air, walk surrounded by nature, hiking, live calmly, taste mountain cuisine, discover the flora and fauna ... If you are over 55, you can enjoy various activities at reduced prices that will make you spend everything a range of very beneficial experiences for health.

Do you want to escape a few days or would you like to give a special gift to someone you love? There is a program of activities and service selected with special prices for people over 55 years.







1. The moments of calm when everyone leaves. - Stay at the Hotel Vall de Núria!



When everyone goes with the last zipper to Ribes or Queralbs, the s'innunda valley with a very special tranquility . The waters of the lake remain so still that they transform into a mirror, the deer come out to look around the ridges and the cows of the cows, who sleep peacefully, no longer feel.




The Gran Reserva offer offers an experience from € 53.31 per person, including round trip train and routes advised by our guides. + INFO < / strong>







2. One-day gastronomic getaway. - Zipper + food Gran Reserva



If you prefer to spend the whole day without staying asleep, a great idea is to stay for lunch and enjoy the rest of the day calmly. There is a zipper combination with food buffet in the restaurant of Hotel Vall de Núria .




The restaurant is a comfortable and elegant space with two modalities: either a buffet with a spectacular grilled meat show cooking . Here you can enjoy the mountain cuisine, which gives priority for the product of the territory, meat and sausages of the Ripollès . + INFO







3. Stroll the mountain with professional guides. - Trekking baptism





Walking is healthy! The excursion we propose will not leave you indifferent. For approximately three hours traveling "the route of the three Valleys": Eina, Noufonts and Noucreus to finish in Vall de Núria . It is a professional guided route , ideal for those who want to start in the high altitude hiking or discover new corners.




This activity is done every Sunday from June 3 to August 31 . It is essential to make a reservation with a minimum of 24 hours. The offer includes Ticket / v Zip + Guides. + INFO













July 19, 2019
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