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What do we do at FGC Mountain Resorts for sustainability?

FGC's six mountain resorts are closely linked to the natural environment in which they are located and work to protect and conserve the environment, applying measures that protect the environment and prevent the degradation of the natural environment and the loss of biodiversity.

In fact, for years, FGC Turisme has been working towards sustainable management in all its tourist facilities.


Do you want to know what we are doing? Keep reading!


FGC’s six tourist facilities focus especially on the actions linked to the 2030 Climate Action Agenda created by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. This roadmap was born with the aim of combating climate change and, among the different aspects it focuses on, is committed to improving environmental management, moving towards a sustainable energy model, making the transition to zero waste and achieve emission neutrality. Related to this, this summer season 2022 has begun the study of the diagnosis of vulnerability to the effects of climate change on FGC mountain resorts.



This action plan related to the environment is complemented by the FGC Tourism Policy, which reinforces the company’s commitment to the territory through a directive that respects the natural environment. In fact, these two projects include much of the practices outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on biodiversity, sustainable development and natural heritage conservation.


FGC also acts with Environmental Management Systems (SGA) based on the ISO 14001 standard, regulations that the resorts of La Molina, Vall de Núria, Espot, Port Ainé and for the first time in the summer also Vallter. In the case of Boí Taüll, work is being done to achieve this certification. These five resorts also have the "Q" quality, based on the UNE 188002 standard, which is awarded by the Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española (ICTE) as facilities of tourist excellence.


And what actions are being carried out at La Molina, Vall de Núria and Vallter stations? Let's take a closer look!


La Molina

  • Undergrowth clearing
  • Removal of perimeter stones
  • Sow on the slopes with organic material to contribute to the restoration of vegetation
  • Closure of the La Molina swimming pool space with shrubs to minimize the visual impact of the performance
  • Installation of a recharging point for electric bicycles in the area of ​​the Alabau restaurant to promote this sustainable tourist activity at the resort
  • Reducing the use of paper by minimizing the production of brochures and information maps in this medium while encouraging the use of the website and the mobile application of the resort, where users will find all the necessary information during their visit



Vall de Núria

Under the Vall de Núria Eco-Vall Project, Vall de Núria applies the following tasks:

  • Connection of the hydroelectric power plant to the geothermal energy system
  • Replacement of halogen lighting with one based on LED technology in the sanctuary and on the platforms of the Rack Railway




  • Distribution of cardboard bags to users who buy a ticket from the chairlift to deposit the rubbish they generate and ensure that the natural environment is clean
  • Selective waste collection around the Morens 2150m service building with recycling bins
  • Delivery of ecological ashtrays for the recycling of butts to all visitors who request it 


June 02, 2022
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