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4 plans to run away from stress in Vall de Núria

The experience at Vall de Núria will turn you into a new person. Staying at the Hotel Vall de Núria will permit you to stop worrying and enjoying the rest that breathing nature supposes.


Here you will find 4 plans that will liberate your stress at Vall de Núria. 

Relax in Vall de Nuria


La Vall de Núria is an exceptional paradise. It is the place where many of springs and brooks are born halfway of the tallest tops, torrents that join the river Freser. It is a place full of pines and chamois. It is a smell pure and fresh. It is disconnection and tranquility. It is the perfect antonym of the city: nerves and traffic. And it is because you can only access with the Cremallera. A green vehicle, which respects the environmental surroundings, where the trip will be the first unforgettable experience of the stay.







The tension that generates living in an accelerated environment ends up, unfortunately, affecting our body. That is why taking care of our body is essential to prevent health damage. Massage reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, which causes the body to relax. At the same time, the pain, especially the muscles, slows down, maintaining a healthy nervous system. Thanks to the massage, the lymphatic liquid removes toxins and increases the defenses of our body. In addition, the circulation of new and oxygenated blood feeds the tissues, regenerating our skin and making it softer and more elastic.

Massage in Vall de Nuria

At Hotel Vall de Núria you will be able to enjoy a new relaxing massage service, lasting 45 minutes. The perfect time to unleash the tension in a state of tranquility and well-being. Here you can book your relax stay at Hotel Vall de Núria





Staying at Hotel Vall de Núria means choosing a range of exceptional opportunities.


Every Saturday of the winter season, you can take a snow groomer machine tour with a guide -it lasts 1:30h-. Yes, you've heard it right, snow groomer machine: the sturdy locomotive that facilitates the snow work of the ski resort. Further, you will go with them for unimaginable slopes and when you reached the highest spot of the station, you will have the opportunity to see all the peaks of the Olla de Núria full of snow.

Snow groomer machine Vall de Nuria


Núria is a common destination for pilgrimage. The Marian sanctuary of ancient roots and traditions allows us to do a spiritual shelter. During your stay, you can go for a walk around the sanctuary environment with a glass of champagne, courtesy of the hotel. 



You will never have seen the same stars in the sky of the Vall de Núria. The Hotel Vall de Núria offers an astronomy workshop, a nightlife that is impossible to enjoy in the city, where urban light pollution conceals the beauty of a starry sky. Almost two thousand meters of altitude, the sky seems closer and, nevertheless, giant. In the middle of nature, the sky becomes more meaningful: it is immense and we are so small ...

stars in Vall de Nuria

Check the exclusive activities offered by Hotel Vall de Núria. 





It does not matter if you are not used to read or do not like coffee, in la Vall de Núria you will want to start the book that someone recommended to you months ago, and do it with a hot cup, perhaps trying a hot chocolate, in your hands.


The hall of the Saló de l’Estatut is full of comfortable armchairs and sofas so that visitors can inspire themselves, contemplating the views that the great windows offer us. The frozen lake, the snow falling from the sky

Salo Estatut Vall de Nuria

The Hall of the Saló de l’Estatut has been appointed by the Generalitat de Catalunya with this name because here was signed the Catalonia Statute, in the 1932, which was called “Statue of Núria”. If the Generalitat of Catalonia chose this scenario to draft the project, it will be for something, do not you think? 





You have to make your stay in the Vall de Núria. Do what nature allows you to do: breathe it, smell it, feel it. You can fight stress with the calmness and tranquility that involves being in an isolated valley from noise, vibrations and contamination.


You can surround the frozen lake and observe how snowflakes fall from the sky, and use it to connect with nature and wildlife. This will help you sort your mind, think less and reduce worries!


Remember that hiking in the mountains only gives us good things: it improves our cardiovascular health and helps us sleep better. After a hard effort goes a good compensation, it is right?

Vall de Nuria


November 15, 2019

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