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Pyrenees Stage Run trail running race

Del 01/09/24 al 02/09/24
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The experience of trail running through the Pyrenees that you will never forget!

The Pyrenees Stage Run is a 7-stage race starting in Ribes de Freser and ending in Salardú with two stages in Andorra.


The surroundings of Núria host the first stage in its entirety and the start of the second stage, this year Núria will be the arrival and departure of the first and second stage respectively. This cross-country course passes through five natural parks and mainly follows the well-known GR-11 that crosses the entire Pyrenees from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.


It is becoming an international tourist-sports race, where runners want to get to know a new country, a new landscape, based on touring our mountains from a sporting perspective.


All race information here.

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