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International World Cup IPC BS

Del 02/03/20 al 03/03/20
Time: All day long
Location: Torrent Negre, La Molina
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IPC Para-Snowboard World Cup, the sporting event of the best international snowboarders with reduced mobility!

Once again La Molina is committed to the high level international competitions with the IPC Para-Snowboard Dual Banked Slalom - DBSL, exclusive for snowboarders with reduced mobility.


On March 2 and 3, 2020 La Molina will host the best Banked Slalom professionals in Torrent Negre zone.


At this world competition there will be six stops, that lengthen until the April of the 2020 and that will finalise with the finals at Are, Sweden.


The pitches of La Molina, that was the headquarters of the Championships in the world the 2015, have been a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders since 1943.


Now as a tradition, tracks receiving this Cup in the world for second consecutive season at the penultimate proof of the Cup in the world IPC Para-Snowboard Dual Banked Slalom - DBSL


The best snowboarders with mobility reduced in the world commenced his season at the indoor pitches of Dubai, UAE in November. Now is the turn of La Molina, that already is heating engines for these days of authentic competition! Let's go!


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