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II Family Day

Location: Zona Torrent stadium, La Molina
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The event, baptised as "Family Race by CEF" will be part of the program of activities exclusively designed for skiing families and visitors of the station that will take place that day in La Molina.

The "Family Race by CEF" will take place on a timed giant slalom (GS) track suitable for all levels in the Torrent Negre area (track to be specified - Solell or Padrón).


The Race will be free and open to all families who want to participate in order to have a good time and meet other skiing families in La Molina.


The "Family Race by CEF" will give a lot of prizes to the participating families. From awards to the best times, to the largest family or in the family with more generations competing in time. The delivery will take place at the meeting point of the race area at the end of the race.

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