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Arrival of the Three Kings Men from the East

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5:00 p.m. - Aperitif at the cafe cota 2000 for those who lower torches 5:30 p.m. Chocolate at the foot of the slopes
5:40 p.m. to 5:55 p.m. - Opening of TC La Roca to climb and descend torches

6:15 p.m. - Lowering of torches *
6:45 p.m. - The Kings will go all the way to Espot Town Hall to receive the keys to the town and then they will distribute the gifts in the church.


*Everyone who wants to participate in the descent of the torches must have the 05/01 or the season pass to be able to go up with the chairlift. The descent is on a red track (La Rampa) so you must have a good level of skiing.

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