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Annual cross-border meeting of the Coll d'Eina

Time: 9:15 a.m.
Location: Coll d’Eina
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An excursion to the Coll d’Eina excursion with an exchange of knowledge

Next Saturday, July 6, the annual cross-border meeting of the Coll d'Eina will take place in Vall de Núria, an open day of knowledge exchange where workers from the natural areas of both sides will explain joint management projects and experiences. An open exchange between the Natural Park and the Northern Catalan Natural Reserves consists of an up and down excursion to the Coll d'Eina where, once you meet your colleagues from the north, you will exchange experiences and local products. Afterwards we will all go down together again to Núria to catch the 17.10 Rack Railway.


The excursion, of an interpretative nature, will be carried out with the guidance of the CEA Alt Ter and Pere Aymerich. It will be 10 km and 900 m of positive gradient.


The meeting point will be at the exit of the Vall de Núria Rack Railway platform, at 9.15 am (to be there you must take the zipline that leaves Ribes-Enllaç at 8.35am).


The number of places is limited. To participate, you must reserve a place by emailing [email protected] or by calling +34 667 116 811. The online reservation and purchase of the Rack Railway ticket is the responsibility of each participant.


See you there!

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