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18th Crossing Vallter - Núria

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Go up to the marmotes with chairlift. Coll de la Marrana, Tirapits, Nous Creus, Sanctuary of Núria

Departure by coach to Vallter

  • 06:00 h - Ribes de Freser (Can Gusí)
  • 06:15 h - Campdevanol (Old Guardia Civil barracks)
  • 06:30 h - Ripoll (Bus station)
  • 06:30 h - St. Joan de les Abadesses (bus stop)
  • 06:45 h - St. Pau de Segúries (school car park)



Climb up to the marmotes with chairlift. Coll de la Marrana, Tirapits, Nou Creus, Sanctuary of Núria

Lunch at 2 pm: Alberg del Pic de l'Ágila

Cremallera down to RIBES DE FRESER and return to each place of origin by coach

The price is €45 per person - €20 for children under 12. Includes:

Bus, chairlift, finar, insurance and zip


It is required to bring:

  • Breakfast
  • water
  • Mountain shoes
  • Backpack
  • waterproof
  • kangaroo
  • and be physically fit

Registration and payment before July 15:

  • Ribes de Freser: Nursing home in the afternoons
  • Campdevànol: Spell Bookstore
  • Ripoll: Drugstore Roig
  • St. Joan les Abadesses: Watchmaker Casademunt
  • Maps: The Casino
  • Camprodon: Vivac Sports

Contact number

  • Rosa Graugés - 646 039 157
  • Mercè Guitart - 649 843 704

Note: Remember that you must never overtake the companions who are taking the exit. The organization is not responsible for people who go for free.

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