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Vall de Núria

Vall de Núria mountain resort, with a unique wealth of nature and landscape, is located in the Eastern Pyrenees, within the municipal area of Queralbs.

It sits above one of the highest points of the Ribes Valley and it's surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 metres from which flow a multitude of water sources and torrents.


We invite you to glory in this spectacular mountain landscape using an unusual form of transport: the rack railway. It covers a distance of 12.5 km and takes you up an incline of over 1000 metres.



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    Hiking for beginners

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    To Vall de Núria By Tourist Bus

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    "Al vostre gust" Stay - Vall de Núria Hotel & Apartments

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GPS: 42º 23' 51.7954" / 2º 9' 26.4122"


News and events
  • Fly Running Series 2017
    Fly Running Series 2017

    La Molina hosts the Fly Running Series: a circuit racing downhill at high speed vertical only suitable for runners without dizziness.


    Olla de Núria
    10/06/17 al 11/06/17
    Olla de Núria

    L'Olla de Núria celebrates its 11th edition! The inescapable appointment of any mountain runner. The Classic Olla de Núria enjoys an incomparable mountain setting, and a festive atmosphere that makes everyone want to be there.

    All for One
    All for One

    The opening day arrives at La Molina Bike Park with a pioneer format contest complimented with a Barbecue, party and gifts for everyone.

    Come to welcome the Bike Park season!

  • Copa Catalana Internacional DH Espot 2017
    20/05/17 al 21/05/17
    Copa Catalana Internacional DH Espot 2017

    The next DH Espot Internacional 2017 will score for the Catalan Cup and will also host the Catalunya Championships.

    III  Gymkhana
    III Gymkhana "Eggs for Easter Holidays"

    Comes the 3th  Gymkhana "Eggs for Easter Holidays".


    08/04/17 al 10/04/17
  • Freenight Port Ainé 2017
    Freenight Port Ainé 2017
    III La Molina Chicken Run
    25/03/17 al 26/03/17
    III La Molina Chicken Run

    La Molina Chicken Run is a mountain bike race over snow slopes that will take place in the boardercross circuit of La Molina.

    11/03/17 al 12/03/17
    6th Interclubs CEAP Iberdrola GS-SL GP

    La Molina will host this competition encompassing all ages, from infants to the most seniors, in slalom and giant modality.

  • III Dark Polar Race
    III Dark Polar Race

    III Dark Polar Race, 10,5km of race

    Children's winter festival
    Children's winter festival

    It is a day dedicated to the childrens of Vall de Núria

    Snowboard SBX World Cup
    04/03/17 al 05/03/17
    Snowboard SBX World Cup

    La Molina snowboard-cross SBX World Cup

  • Carnival
    25/02/17 al 26/02/17

    At Carnival there is no excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a whole day having fun in the snow!

    16th Marmot Trophy
    16th Marmot Trophy

    On Saturday 25 February Vallter 2000 receives the 16th Marmot trophy.

    Clubs day
    Clubs day

    Clubs day

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