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50 years of Espot

11/02/17 al 12/02/17
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During the weekend (11 and 12 February) come to Espot to celebrate its birthday with us

Espot celebrates the fiftieth anniversary organizing different events and activities.


On Saturday, February 11:

- Popular torchlight descent at 19pm. The event is free and you must pre-register calling to the telephone 973624058 or at the ticket offices before 12 noon. It requires a good level of skiing or snowboarding (the track is red). Anyone who wants to participate in the torchlight parade can stay in the cafeteria at an altitude of 2000 to close the station or to lift up the rock at 18.30. It is needed to have the daily ski pass (11/02) or the season ski pass.

- At 12 pm night remember party in the pub Sapastre and in La Coveta of Espot with Dj David Klein.


On Sunday February 12:

- At 12 noon discover the monolit with the logo commemorating 50 years of Espot at 2000 level.

- At 12.15 presentation of the photo exhibition and video about 50 years of Espot in the cafeteria.

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