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Vallter 2000

Vallter 2000 is located in a glacial circle (Morens circle - Ull de Ter), in the eastern Pyrenees (Girona), in Ripollès and within the municipality of Setcases.

It is a cozy family resort, with almost 35 years offering its services as a ski resort.


Surrounded by peaks (some of them exceeding 2,800 m), the resort is located at 2,000 meters above the valley of the Ter River.


Thank to its extraordinary situation in northern Pyrenees, visitors can enjoy a panoramic, unique and exceptional view. From 2,535 m high they can see the bay of Roses and Cap de Creus (Costa Brava).

This year the resort offers a new promotion related to the concept "Up&Down". It is an offer that combines the ascent with the descent. Thanks to this new option, the resort becomes the ideal destination for people coming from Barcelona and Girona, due to their proximity to Vallter 2000.

Vallter 2000 offers a huge variety of activities and services, which allows visitors to enjoy an excellent experience in the resort. Moreover, it has reasonable prices for all people.


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GPS: 42º 25' 36.8256" / 2º 15' 46.7039"


News and events
  • Gollut Festival 2019 - 6th edition
    12/10/19 al 03/11/19 - Events
    Gollut Festival 2019 - 6th edition

    On November 1 Vall de Núria will host the conference "You set your own limits", by Àlex Roca Campillo, and a special rack railway price will be offered. In addition, Ribes de Freser will host most of the projections.

    Virgin of Núria
    08/09/19 - Events
    Virgin of Núria

    Vall de Núria will celebrate the Virgin of Núria festivity with a concert in the church and, later, the solemn Mass and the procession of the Nurias.

    07/09/19 - Events

    Entrevalls is a trail running race. 

  • Saint Gil festivity
    01/09/19 - Events
    Saint Gil festivity

    The big day of Núria, the shepherds' festivity.

    Pyrenées stage run
    01/09/19 al 02/09/19 - Events
    Pyrenées stage run

    The Pyrenees Stage Run, a 7 stage race beginning in Ribes de Freser and finishing in Salardú, offers the possibility to cross a section of the Pyrenees following the classic GR11.

    Blood donation
    18/08/19 - Events
    Blood donation

    Solidarity should be the key of the day.

  • Transpirenaica social solidarity
    04/07/19 - Events
    Transpirenaica social solidarity

    One more year, young people at risk of social exclusion who carry out the great crossing of the Pyrenees, from Hendaya to Cap de Creus, will stop at Vall de Núria and offer us a series of activities.

    Children's summer party
    30/06/19 - Events
    Children's summer party

    On June 30, Vall de Núria celebrates the children's summer party!

    Saint Peter festival
    29/06/19 - Events
    Saint Peter festival

    On June 29, celebrate with us Saint Peter festival to inaugurate the pasture season.

  • Hiking for beginners in Vall de Núria with shepherds breakfast
    28/06/19 - Events
    Hiking for beginners in Vall de Núria with shepherds breakfast

    Next June 28, Vall de Núria will host a hiking for beginners with shepherds breakfast organized by Itinerànnia.

    St John's Eve
    23/06/19 - Events
    St John's Eve

    Come to Vall de Núria to celebrate St John's eve!

    Olla de Núria
    08/06/19 al 09/06/19 - Events
    Olla de Núria

    The unmissable event of any mountain racer.

  • Vertical Olla Race
    08/06/19 - Events
    Vertical Olla Race

    The vertical race, which is part of l'Olla de Núria, will take place on Saturday.

    01/06/19 - Events

    Bastions is a hiking route in Vall de Ribes. The race will take place the first weekend of June. 

    Children's spring festival
    19/05/19 - Events
    Children's spring festival

    A festival for children, where you can have fun in Cau de la Marmota. 

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