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How to make the best photos of Montserrat?

Have you planned to visit Montserrat in the coming days and would like to capture the best pictures? The place of Montserrat offers a wide range and diversity of spaces in which it is easy to get incredible photos to remember the experience. We give you some ideas on how to do it!

At 1,000 meters above sea level, the Funicular de Sant Joan offers a spectacular aerial panoramic view of the mountain of Montserrat and the Santuari. Both to make panoramic views of the Monastery and the mountain and to take photos in which you can observe the route that the funicular makes, you can get some photos that will cause vertigo. In addition, above you will find the Aula Natura, where you can access for free, and from there see all the valleys.




Time-lapse from inside the Montserrat Rack Train



Another idea in the form of “moving” video or photography is with the time-lapse fast camera technique from inside the Montserrat zipper. During the journey, which lasts about 15 minutes, you can record the entire train route at a fixed point while enjoying the trip through the panoramic glass. You can border the silhouette of the mountain and the landscape that surrounds Montserrat. The journey goes from the Monistrol station to the Montserrat Sanctuary. Here is an example of time-lapse on the Instagram of Daniel García Peris .




The highest mountain peak: Sant Jeroni


It is said that the best views of Montserrat and its surroundings are from the highest mountaintop, Sant Jeroni, at 1,236 meters of altitude. You can reach this summit from the upper station of the funicular of Sant Joan and then follow the path on foot about two and a half hours. From here you can make panoramic views of the mountain and the sea. Recommended for people who make routes regularly. Here you have a proposal of route to do from the Monastery to Sant Jeroni.


Arches and statues of the entrance to the Monastery



Do you want to get a mystical and original photo? You can do it through the arches on the facade of the exterior entrance of the Monastery. You just have to place yourself right at the door of the entrance to the Sanctuary and you will see that between the arches you will be able to capture a photograph with depth of a part of the mountain and the landscape and in the foreground the statues and the arch of the facade.



The interior of the Sanctuary


Source: Barcelona Helicòpters

And the last one: you can't leave Montserrat without having visited his Sanctuary inside and, of course, without having photographed it. The image speaks for itself.


Do you dare to come to Montserrat to take photos trying one of these ideas? Remember to tag us so we can share them with you!


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March 12, 2019
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