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Go to Montserrat with your dog!

There are many people who ask us if your pets can access Montserrat, and the answer is YES! If you like the mountain, get in touch with nature and have pets, come and enjoy an unforgettable day!

In Montserrat you will spend a different day, in an unbeatable place and at the same time you will enjoy nature in its purest form. Here you have the tips and regulations to keep in mind for the Cremallera and Funicular if you want to visit us with dogs:


- You can travel with pets for free as long as they are tied on a leash and wear a morrion. In case of not having, there is the option to buy it at the ticket office for € 5.


- Smaller-sized animals have to travel inside baskets or of transport.


- Children under 16 cannot carry dogs considered potentially dangerous by law.


You can consult in more detail the conditions of use and the funicular rules and Cremallera.




On the other hand, if you also want to take advantage of routes and hiking with your dog, we recommend two excursions, of different difficulty:


1) La ruta del camí dels Degotalls: It is an easy excursion to do and accessible to all. It lasts about 30 minutes and 3.6 km round trip. Ideal to do with dogs since it is a cool area, with abundant vegetation, shadows all the way and with different sources of water where they can drink. You can find more information about this route here .


2) The route of Sant Jeroni . This hike has a higher difficulty, and is suitable for animals that are more fit. There is little water along the way, so we recommend you take it. There is also little shade, especially at the top. You can check the details of this route and other here.

Dogs, welcome to Montserrat!

July 15, 2019
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