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We have the winners of the Slalom Nissan X-Trail Challenge!

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2 lucky winners among the more than 220 participants who receive a season pass to La Molina for the winter 24/25.

During the 2023-2024 season, La Molina has celebrated the Slalom Nissan X-Trail Challenge, an exciting challenge that has captured the interest of skiers of all levels. The course, located on the Trampolí slope, has been a meeting point for all those looking for a fun and stimulating experience on the slopes.


Javier Navarro Viñes and Marina Sánchez Terán were the winners of the draw held among all the people registered for the challenge. The two winners, will be able to enjoy a full season at La Molina during the winter of 24/25, thanks to the prize of a season pass they have won.


From La Molina, we sincerely congratulate the winners and all the participants who have made this competition a memorable event. We hope to see them all again on our slopes in future occasions, and let's continue making skiing a unique and exciting experience for everyone.

We have the winners of the Slalom Nissan X-Trail Challenge!
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