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Vallter resort presents the new features for the 2022-2023 winter season

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The improvement of the accesses to the resort and the installation of wifi service throughout the ski area are two of the most relevant novelties of Vallter

Vallter will open the winter season with remarkable novelties aimed at improving the comfort of visitors and ensuring a good stay in the snow.


One of the main novelties is the improvement of the accesses to the resort, thus ensuring the comfort and safety of visitors. In line with the digitalization process of FGC Turisme, this season has been installed in the Vallter resort an accessible wifi zone service for the entire ski area that can be used free of charge. Users who are enjoying a day of skiing or snowboarding can consult the internet with their mobile devices from anywhere in the resort.


Vallter has incorporated two ski schools, one of them also a snow adventure sports company. The Parque Lúdico will have new access gates and will have an area for the sale and recharge of ski passes, unique in this area.


In addition, the resort will once again make the picnic room available to its customers with the addition of new services, such as food and beverage vending machines. Finally, this winter Vallter is expanding the offer of children's activities and events at the resort.

Vallter resort presents the new features for the 2022-2023 winter season
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