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Tren del Ciment service status as of April 9

Information updated on April 8
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The Tren del Ciment adapts the service, from April 9, on the occasion of the new measures announced by Procicat

Due to the new measures announced by Procicat, the Tren del Ciment will open on weekends for visitors to the region.


Open status information:

- Tren del Ciment timetables: consult the web search engine (during the period of application of the measures, the Tren del Ciment tel will offer service on weekends with a reduction in traffic).


Services and facilities:

- Clot del Moro Cantina: open with catering service


Ticket sales:

- Tren del Ciment tickets will be available online


- The sale of combined tickets "Live the complete experience" and tickets for the Artigas Gardens and the Cement Museum will be made exclusively through ticket offices.

Tren del Ciment service status as of April 9
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