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The Fridays are of white at Vall de Núria with the new package of skiing

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The Fridays are of white at Vall de Núria with the new package of skiing

Want to be ski of the most economical way and with an immense tranquility for the pitches of Vall de Núria? Then you have to come at Friday!



The season of skiing offers the most economical solution for ski with a very special price where everything is included. From now the Fridays will be the perfect day for skiing and if besides want to you induct at the world of the skiing, do not doubt that the best day to do it is the Friday, since the minor influx of persons this day at the pitches does that the experience was calmer and pleasant.


The package White Friday of Vall de Núria offers at the user climb and lower with the rack railway, it forfait for skiing all the day, the hire of the complete squad (skis, boots and masts) + 2 hours of classes of skiing and the lunch at the Bar Finestrelles that includes sandwich, drink and afters.


This package is valid continuums the Fridays and requires that the minimal age to realize the activity was of 7 years. At the offer of White Friday the soft "Material" for the practice of the skiing is not included and recommend that the users take thermal clothes to warm up raincoat or with membrane hackswind in addition to gloves, hat and spectacles of only as well as hot footwear.


To be able to skiing the Fridays with this package, is necessary to do the reservation with 24 hours of anticipation and the services or activities have to utilize the same day. 


Now can enjoy of a very different Friday with the skis at the feet for a price of adult of 70,80 euros and for the girls of 7 at 14 years 66, 70 euros.


The economic package White Friday supposes a very important saving with regard to the purchase of the products separately.


You do not doubt that at Vall de Núria the best day to enjoy of the snow is the Friday, enjoys of the White Friday of the most economical way!


The Fridays are of white at Vall de Núria with the new package of skiing
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