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Parc Astronòmic del Montsec breaks records in the balance of 2023

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  • The 9th edition of the Festival d'Astronomia commemorating the year Joan Oró achieves the best result in history and a record attendance.


  • December 2023 has set an all-time record with an increase of more than 30% with the visit of 3,071 people, highlighting the impact of Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' show.

The Parc Astronòmic del Montsec closed the year with excellent figures, despite the improvement works that kept its doors closed during the months of February and March. The projection system and part of the installation were renovated, increasing the capacity of the planetarium by 26% and adapting the space to make it accessible to people with reduced mobility.


In 2023, a total of approximately 30,000 people have enjoyed the Astronòmic and the wide range of activities and proposals that have been carried out during the season. A figure with a positive reading if we take into account that 1,000 fewer visitors have been registered than in 2022, the year in which it welcomed up to 31,000 people, despite the late opening of the park's season due to the works. The Astronòmic kicked off the 2023 season on 1 April.


The figures of success


The Festival d'Astronomia in October, dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the Catalan scientist Joan Oró, has broken attendance records with the largest participation in the nine years of the festival's existence. In addition, the number of visitors has grown significantly, from 1,504 in 2022 to 1,612 in 2023.


December 2023 was a historic month, surpassing by more than 30% the best result ever obtained in this month with 3,071 visitors, with the best December long weekend in the Park's fifteen years. This success is due, in part, to the premiere of the show 'The Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the album. The show has achieved an audience of 822 visitors with 100% occupancy in the sessions, forcing the projections to be doubled with respect to the initial forecast. This show will remain in the 2024 program and has already had advance sales in the form of gift vouchers.


Following the guidelines of innovation, the Parc Astronòmic del Montsec has added new products to its shop, offering visitors a unique selection of souvenirs related to astronomy and science.


In addition, work continues on activities with schools, such as the educational offer, maintaining a direct relationship with the educational centers. The figures show continued support, with 3,843 students in 2022 and 3,613 students in 2023. Despite the shorter season, with the months of February and March closed for construction work.


The Parc Astronòmic del Montsec, takes stock of a fruitful year with a notorious success during the fourth quarter of 2023, far surpassing the best historical records and demonstrating a substantial recovery from pre-pandemic times. With a total of 8,374 visitors in this last period of the year, the Park has consolidated its position as an attractive and popular destination, reaching figures that reflect a growing interest in the astronomical activities and unique experiences it offers.

Parc Astronòmic del Montsec breaks records in the balance of 2023
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