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Vall de Núria starts the summer season on June 19

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Vall de Núria starts the summer season on June 19

The mountain resort of Vall de Núria is scheduled to open to the public next Friday, June 19 and start the summer season 2020. The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy a unique valley, in an exceptional natural environment and therefore, 'Breathe Nature' with tranquility.


The valley becomes an ideal place to disconnect and enjoy the novelties that are presented this year, such as the free Audioguide during the route in Rack Railway and around the Sanctuary, the walk in the remodeled Coma del Clot Cable Car or the offer of 'Unique journey in a unique valley, Vall de Núria' with the new incorporation of the historic cars of the famous Swiss rack railway service MGB (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn) that took travelers to the beautiful alpine town of Zermatt.


From 20 June, visitors will be able to return to normal activities in nature, such as the endless hiking options around the Natural Park of the Heads of the River Ter and Freser. You can also discover the valley in a different and playful way following the new Audioguided Route, the walk with the remodeled cable car or traveling with the historic Car. Following the indications and health measures, you can also visit the Sanctuary, the Interpretation Center and the Hermitage of Sant Gil.


Complementing the service of the Rack Railway train, the Vall de Núria station opens with the active services of the Comè del Clot Cable Car, the Information Office, the self-service restaurant, the souvenir shop, and a doctor and doctor's office open in exploitation period.


In the face of the emergency caused by the Covid-19, Vall de Núria adopts a series of sanitary measures in its facilities and on the route in Rack Railway. In this sense, FGC Tourism and the staff of the station work so that the user enjoys the nature with total security. Therefore, the following precautions have been taken:


Measures on facilities and services

  • The capacity of the trains be limited as determined by the authorities, in matters of regulation of public rail transport and cable transport.
  • Control and adaptation of spaces that allow users to maintain safe distances in areas where people gather (lobbies, lockers, queues, etc.)
  • Information of protocols with physical signage (signs, screens, markings and stickers in passing areas) and also by loudspeakers.
  • Payment and customer service areas equipped with screen / protective screen.
  • The Vall de Núria Information Office will be the only customer service point in the whole valley.


Self-protection measures for users

  • Obligatory use of masks for customers and workers, in facilities or spaces where 2 meters away cannot be guaranteed, and in enclosed spaces.
  • It is recommended to buy online and use automatic validators and, secondly, credit card or mobile payments.
  • Disposition of disinfectant hydroalcoholic gels for users and workers at marked points.
  • It is recommended to keep safe distances from other users in the facilities and common areas


For more information consult the Questions and Answers Document:

Vall de Núria starts the summer season on June 19
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