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Measures against Covid-19 applied to Vallter 2000

Information updated on December 18th
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Vallter 2000 station has implemented a set of measures and actions to deal with the health crisis arising from the Covid-19 and reduce the risk of infection.


These include capacity restrictions, access control and the redesign and signage of queues at different points in the station.


Capacity restrictions


Restrictions are applied to gauging at stations to avoid the risk of infection and to minimize congestion and queues. Therefore, it will be mandatory to buy the ski pass through the online store before visiting the station, as the application will manage the quotas of available daily places. Temporarily, the available product catalog will be restricted and promotions and discounts will not apply. Only people who have made an online purchase for that day, and have proof of purchase, and people who have a season pass can access the station.


Users who can benefit from reduced rates applicable to large families and people with functional diversity will be able to go directly to the physical points of sale of FGC mountain resorts to buy their tickets or ski passes.


Access control


With the aim of being able to manage the influx of visitors, Vallter 2000 in mutual agreement with the City Council of Setcases have established a regulation of road access to the different parking areas of the station and service centers de Vallter 2000.


In car park 5 there is a first access control that only allows access to those users who have either a ski pass valid for the day or a seasonal ski pass.


The resort has enabled 2 free parking spaces (platforms 5 and 6 in the area of ​​Pastuira 1950) especially for all those people who want to carry out the activities of snowshoeing or downhill skiing and has been specially equipped for these uses the Pista del Xalet, which allows these users to access the area of ​​the Refugi d'Ull de Ter (which can also be accessed by the old road), the Coll de la Marrana, the Pic de Bastiments or the Gra de Fajol. Mountain skiers who want to access La Portella de Mantet or Pic de la Dona can do so along the Camí Vell.


Redesign and signaling of queues


- Ski lifts. Tapes with the name of each ski lift have been placed, there are signs on Covid-19 prevention measures and next to each ski lift hut there is hydroalcoholic ice. The public address system informs you of the obligation to keep your distance, use your mask and keep quiet on the chairlift.


- Information and sales points. Tensabarriers tapes have been placed in the lockers, the position where the customer is to be placed has been marked on the floor, as well as the position of the tapes. There are stickers on the ground in front of the information point and the ski schools with the message "Wait your turn".


- Material rental center. Barriers have been installed at the entrance and the customer's position has been marked on the ground with a safety distance of 1.5 m. Inside the rental there is a single input circuit with a traffic light that signals in green or red whether you can access it or not. In addition, an external point has been enabled to place the boots, replacing 4 parking spaces, and a fence has been built with Tensabarriers.


- Restoration points. There are signposts and entrance and exit signs with arrows on the floor to signal the customer's position and direction. In the restaurant, an artificial intelligence mechanism has been installed that measures the capacity and a red light comes on when it reaches 50%. Each table has a billboard on specific measures regarding restoration: maximum stay time of 45 minutes, mandatory consumption and use of a mask and hydroalcoholic gel. There are also signs indicating that it is forbidden to sit to maintain the distance between tables. The tables are numbered and it is a restaurant worker who tells customers where to sit. When they leave they leave the number and then the table is cleaned to ensure, at all times, that the tables are disinfected.


From Monday 21/12, and in response to the new measures applied to the restoration points, the update will be communicated on the restoration services operating at the stations.



You can consult the cross-sectional measures applied to FGC stations at this link.

Measures against Covid-19 applied to Vallter 2000
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