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FGC renews support for the FCEH for the joint promotion of winter sports in Catalonia

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With the renewal of the existing agreement, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) and the Federació Catalana d'Esports d'Hivern (FCEH) will continue to work together to promote and disseminate the practice of winter sports through the six FGC mountain stations


The agreement is particularly relevant at the current time of crisis motivated by the Covid-19, where sport is one of the bases for the maintenance of the associative fabric of clubs and wealth generator in the Catalan mountain regions.


The president of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), Ricard Font, and the president of the Federació Catalana d'Esports d'Hivern (FCEH), Mònica Bosch, have signed the renewal of the collaboration agreement by which they plan to continue working together to promote snow sports during the winter season 2020-2021. The agreement remains in line with the actions taken in recent years.

For this new winter sports season, the agreement between the two entities has established a framework of collaboration of mutual interest where the promotion and dissemination of competitive skiing acquire a particularly relevant aspect. That is why the competitions are an opportunity for the environment and for the country to start new projects that should allow a better development of the territory.

Among the different aspects included in the contract renewal agreement, the commitment to the training and promotion of athletes and competitors in winter sports, which also includes the technical ones, in the Catalan ski resorts stands out. These are still available to Catalan athletes so that they can train in the best conditions in the facilities of the six ski resorts managed by FGC: La Molina, Vall de Núria, Vallter, Port Ainé, Espot and Boí Taüll.

In addition, this fact allows to attract future users to the own stations as well as complementary linked businesses that help in the promotion of the territory. With this unique season ahead, now more than ever competitive snow sports will once again be a perfect promotional tool.

The commitment of the FCEH and FGC to continue organizing competitions of all levels in its stations is maintained once again, always following the prevention protocols of the Covid-19. A notable dissemination is also planned, which will continue to be carried out by the FCEH of current affairs surrounding FGC stations through its information portals, such as social networks and the Esports d’Hivern

FGC renews support for the FCEH for the joint promotion of winter sports in Catalonia
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