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FGC and Mancomunitat renew the agreement for the seven Catalan Nordic ski resorts

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The agreement includes the improvement and renovation of the existing infrastructures and equipment in the seven mountain resorts of La Cerdanya, Pallars Sobirà and Alt Urgell.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) and the Mancomunitat de municipis for the promotion of Nordic skiing have renewed the collaboration agreement for the protection of the practice of this sport and the revitalization of mountain activities at municipal Nordic stations. With this agreement, the Mancomunitat and FGC want to ensure the continuity of Nordic ski resorts, which are vital for the fixation of the population in the counties and for the permanence of small local businesses that revolve around the resorts and that contribute to the articulation of their territory of influence.


The agreement, which involves an investment of 300,000 euros, is a continuation of what was already signed last year and aims to improve infrastructure considered basic to ensure the proper functioning of the stations, the acquisition of equipment and machinery to improve the quality of service to users, and the improvement of energy efficiency or water treatment in the stations, among others. It includes the stations of Guils Fontanera (Guils de Cerdanya), Lles de Cerdanya (Lles de Cerdanya), Aransa (Decentralized Municipal Entity Aransa - municipality of Lles de Cerdanya), Sant Joan de l'Erm (Decentralized Municipal Entity Vall de Castellbó - municipality of Montferrer and Castellbó), Tuixent-La Vansa (Josa - Tuixent and La Vansa - Fòrnols), Virós Vallferrera (Alins) and Tavascan (Lladorre).


The president of FGC, Ricard Font, the general director of Mountain and Coastal Policies of the Department of Territory and Sustainability, Albert Alins, the coordinator of interdepartmental relations with the Mountain Stations, Xavier Civit, the president of the Mancomunitat, Jordi Fàbrega and the mayors of the municipal entities that own the Nordic ski resorts met on 18 December to assess the agreement that seeks to respond to the needs of improvement and renovation of existing infrastructure and equipment in the ski resorts managed by the municipalities that make up the Mancomunitat.


This agreement is part of the set of actions provided for in the Working Group on Nordic Ski Resorts, created within the framework of the Strategic Table of Mountain Resorts, with the aim of analyzing the situation and the challenges. future of these municipal stations in the context of current mountain policies and station support.

FGC and Mancomunitat renew the agreement for the seven Catalan Nordic ski resorts
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