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Breathes Ribes's Vale and Núria's Vale

del 21 al 22 de desembre
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Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 of December Breathes Ribes's Vale and Núria's Vale for 50 €.

Do you enjoy of the nature intensely? Núria's vale and Ribes's Vale join to offer you one pack exceptional. Access the 24 h, rackets of snow, skiing with monitor, chocolate and much more! No you miss it to you.


A more weekend that complete for a price of 50 € where big and small will be able to enjoy in depth of Núria's Vale and Ribes's Vale with a fortnight of activities.



Saturday 21 At Núria's Vale

  • Access at Núria's Vale until the 23 h (consult schedules).
  • Rackets of Snow.
  • Park Lúdic 1 hour (for the boys).
  • Baptism of skiing with monitor.
  • Skiing of mount with guide.
  • Forfet For esquiar.
  • Participation at the party of inauguration of season with xocolatada.


Saturday 21 At Ribes of Freser

  • Pint the face for the childrens (50% dte.)
  • Inflatable, clowns.
  • Nocturnal concert.
  • Taste at taste (50% dte.)


Sunday 22 at Ribes of Freser

  • Via Ferrada.
  • Nordic march.
  • Route e-bike for all the peoples of the vale 2 routes (1 in banks for boys) with breakfast.
  • Stops of trades and producers of the vale.


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Breathes Ribes's Vale and Núria's Vale
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