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Boí Taüll asphalts the main parking lot

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Tags: Boí Taüll, asphalted parking lot, season 2022-2023

The parking lot has 730 parking spaces  

Boí Taüll resort has asphalted, for this winter season 22-23, the main parking lot of the resort, fulfilling a historical claim by the users of the resort.  


Apart from the asphalting of the main parking, the access road has also been conditioned and the access area to the parking at the base of the resort has been asphalted. In addition, new access stairs to the parking lot have been installed. All this with the aim of improving the comfort of visitors to the resort.  


The main Boí Taüll parking lot will have 730 spaces for cars, buses, motor homes, vehicles for people with reduced mobility and emergency vehicles.  


In addition, the resort has another parking lot, which has another 350 parking spaces 

Boí Taüll asphalts the main parking lot
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