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Espot Esquí hosts the IPC European Cup 2020 for adapted Alpine skiing

at 3 to 7 of februray
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Espot Esquí hosts the IPC European Cup 2020 for adapted Alpine skiing

Athletes with reduced mobility from around the world for a whole week have an appointment at Espot Esquí to participate in the IPC European Cup in alpine skiing modality. This competition is part of the European Cup Circuit, which started in Landgraaf (Netherlands) on November 7, 2019 and is scheduled to end on March 5, 2020 in Sella Nevea (Italy).


7 teams from Andorra, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Austria and Spain for competitors with reduced mobility in the alpine skiing category, will participate all week in the IPC Europe Cup. Partakers will compete in three different categories; reduced mobility with chair, reduced mobility without chair and visual incapacity.


This test will begin on February 3 with two super giants, continue on day 4 with two other tests of the same specialty and on the same day the awards for the discipline of super giants will be made.


On February 5 and 6 the competitions in the giant's specialty will be played and finally on February 7 they will compete in slalom category. The Espot IPC Europe Cup will finish with the awards ceremony for the participants.


Espot Esquí is the penultimate stop of the IPC European Cup competition, since after the Catalan station the athletes have an appointment on March 5, 2020 in Sella Nevea (Italy). In addition, this test allows athletes to prepare for the World Cup finals.



Espot Esquí has adapted installations

FGC stations have long been making an effort to adapt and make their facilities accessible to athletes with reduced mobility. At Espot Esquí, slopes have been adapted, which are approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), which allows the resort to compete at the state, European and world levels.


It also has adapted areas such as restaurants, services, ski lifts and everything necessary for the skier to move independently for all facilities of Espot Ski.

Espot Esquí hosts the IPC European Cup 2020 for adapted Alpine skiing
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