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We present Domingo Diaz, the winner of the Skithon Challenge!

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We wanted to meet the man who has managed to record the impressive 1192 km during the season 16-17, becoming the undisputed winner of the Skithon Challenge and taking a 17-18 season pass. Here we present:

Who is behind the @domingobdn profile?

My name is Domingo Diaz, I am a Social Educator and I work in an equipment for homeless people of the Barcelona City Council.

I live in Badalona, ​​I am 38 years old, and I think this has been the most skied year. I have really enjoyed all the tracks of the FGC group, since I bought the season pass this year.

1200 is a stunning mile, how did you do it?

This year has been the first that I have been able to mount to be able to climb almost 3 days a week and take advantage of the season pass. Because the ski pass allowed skiing in all the stations of the FGC group, I was able to visit all the stations and I have to say it is worth it. Espot and Port Aine I really liked it.

Do you have any funny anecdotes of the season at FGC stations? What was the best and the worst?

The most important anecdote was to be able to enjoy the track of La Molina, La Comabella. I had never seen it with so much snow and it left me amazed, enjoying both the descent and the impressive landscape.

The worst of the season was a silly fall when leaving the gondola, in Espot. I broke the cruciate ligament of the left knee, which did not stop me from skiing and taking advantage of this good season.

How useful are you to the applications of FGC stations?

It was the first time I have used the applications of the Group but it must be said that they are very motivating especially because they record all the activity you can do in a day and that helps a lot, I would never have thought that I could ski so many miles in one season.

Well that's it. We thank you very much for your time and dedication, and hopefully you can beat your own record next season with the pass 17-18!

We present Domingo Diaz, the winner of the Skithon Challenge!
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