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La Molina Bike Park opens season with the All for One

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La Molina Bike Park will open its doors for this summer next Saturday June 3 with the first edition of the All for One event as a highlight of the day apart from the many new features we'll present this season.



On Saturday June 3 La Molina Bike Park will open doors with the first edition of an event that promises to be a benchmark in the national descending calendar.

In the All for One riders will be beat in two circuits with timed sections suitable for all levels; Guineu and All for One (new year 2017), to overcome the time marked by the famous professional rider and ambassador of La Molina Bike Park; Andreu Lacondeguy.


The originality of the test lies in its format. Lluis Lacondeguy will mark times to beat in the two circuits where the event will be staged with various handicaps to establish reference times: no chain on the bike, with the fixed gear, and finally in normal conditions. The ranges between the three times of each circuit will determine in which segment the riders participating in the race will be classified.

Level 1 - A full: Time that marks without any obstacle.
Level 2 - Single speed: Time marking descending with a single gear set.
Level 3 - Chainless: Time that descends without chain.


The All for One is an open format test; Which means that the riders will be able to make as many downsides as they want during the day and without applying the handicaps that Lacondeguy will do. As an end to the party, the All for One will culminate with a barbecue and awards party in the area of ​​Lake La Molina with Water Jump and live music enlivened by Red Bull, collaborator of the event.

The first 200 participants will receive an Adidas Sports Eyewear gift bag.


The All for One on Saturday, June 3 will kick off a new season at La Molina Bike Park, which will run until Sunday, October 15th. Stay tuned because this season is loaded with news, which we will finish revealing after the Opening Day.


As each year are now on sale the MTB Lover season passes in promotion until June 11 with prices from € 142, thereby amortizing the pass in 6 days of decline. In addition, you can add the entrance supplement to the heated pool for only € 20 plus and combine the days of DH with a good dip to culminate.


You can follow all the news of the event in the social networks of La Molina and by the label #AllforOneLaMolina.



La Molina Bike Park opens season with the All for One
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