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Come to the 4th Igers Meeting at La Molina

June 20th 2016
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La Molina will host on 10th July the fourth meeting of Instagram's users

Participants read between the 9:00 and 10 am in the area of ​​the "stall" del Lago, where a photocall Habra, y is the Recoger accreditations. Durante toda morning, the users of Instagram and companions inscritos participating in diversas actividades (ponies, boats, wildlife circuit, juegos de agua, volleyball, gondola ride, swimming, etc.) dar a conocer Help in a todo el mundo through its fotografías, all that can offer station La Molina.


All persons involved in the acto through your Instagram profile cuelguen and realized the photographs in Along the day, con tanto como con Device mobile camera, and additionally remove the labels and official encuentro con #DescobreixLaMolina #DescobreixCatalunya, participate in a contest where you will choose from the photographs that best recojan the spirit of the day.

All the photographs, will be required to fulfill the conditions of the social network Instagram. The deadline for presentarlas will end on Friday 15 July at midnight, and during the week of July 18 is announced Ganadores them. Los premios them to opt to have been cedidos by several sponsors and collaborators.

Come to the 4th Igers Meeting at La Molina
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